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God Damnit

“Just Droppin a Bomb NBD”

Body Soreness.  That’s what the general public was told as to why Chase Utley was not making his spring training debut.  Initially I was pumped about this.  I caught myself thinking “Man Chase is ready to get down to business this year.  He bulked up probably squatting rhinos in the offseason while eating raw steaks to make sure his protein levels were good.”  Then the news came that he had a little tendonitis in his knee.  I worried a little bit, but hell I had tendonitis a few times and it went away with rest and some anti-inflammatory medicine.  Then we had the bomb dropped on us in the form of the diagnosis of Chrondromalacia which in layman’s terms means, your knee hurts like a fuckin bitch when you run.  Almost immediately following that headline we were given the wisdom of a current ballplayer Brandon Inge who had suffered through the same problems and had to have surgery to fully heal.  He claims that the recovery process for him to really feel fully healthy again was two full years.  TWO FULL YEARS ARE YOU SHITTING ME!  Our window for championships is now and without Utley our chances are decreased significantly!  This is the guy that played half a season with a torn hip and won the World Series.  This is a guy that hit five homers against the Yank-Me’s in the 2009 WS.  Most importantly this was the guy that let everyone know that we were “World Fucking Champions” on live TV.  Not only is he a fan favorite around Philly, he’s a fan favorite just about everywhere.  There are probably 2 other 2nd Baseman in baseball that can match his numbers (Dan Strugla and Bobby Cano), but no one can match the way he plays the game.  He routinely leads the league in HBP and never saw a ground ball that he didn’t want to dive for.  Trying to come to grips with Wilson Valdez as my everyday 2nd basemen has left me with liquid stool samples for a week.  Do I wish deep down inside that it was 2003 and this all would have been taken care of with a simple dosage of HGH?  Maybe, but one thing I do know is that Chase Utley is one of the toughest S.O.B’s in the game and if he can’t go, he can’t go.  Hopefully all goes well and he doesn’t miss as much time and expected.  And if he does, well, at least we got Cliff Lee.

One response to “God Damnit

  1. Wildcard March 17, 2011 at 2:33 PM


    You got Cliff Lee. What more do you want?


    And no. You can’t have Cano!

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