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Sports, rumors, and humor from the Ben Franklin to the George Washington

The Daily Drive

The Daily Drive will be a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. It’s a work in progress. And no, we won’t share our step-fathers loosely guarded beer. We stole it, we get to drink it.

-Leading off we’ve got the Princeton coach, Sydney Johnson, reacting to his team’s loss to Kentucky. Look, we’re all used to seeing sports figures cry, and especially ones named Sydney, or Sidney. I hope one of the reporters followed up with the question that I’m sure is on every one’s mind: Does he cover his eyes during the scary parts, or does his wife just hit the fast forward button. And when did Obama become coach of Princeton? Talk about liberal elite. I kid, I kid. Obviously, not all black people look the same. Just the bald ones.

-Chase Utley is seeking rehab consultation, as the Phillies look to avoid surgery for the all-star second baseman. Somewhere, Luis Castillo is sitting, uniform on, by the phone in a damp, dimly lighted one-bedroom apartment, waiting. (via ESPN)

-Akron lost to Notre Dame today, but only by 14. Spread was 14.5, so looks like I inherit ND and move on in the tourney. Luck of the Irish is right. And all cause of a half point. God bless the USA.

-GQ ranked the worst sports fans in America. Phillies and Eagles fans tied for the top spot. When reached for comment on how it felt to share the title with a Phillies fan, one Eagles fan responded, “fucking assholes.” (via GQ)

-Sophie Vergara could step on my dick, and I’d apologize. For it being too big, you see. (via WWTDD)

-The NFLPA is arguing about how the owners are acting shifty regarding the new CBA. What? Old, rich white men acting dishonestly when they’re financial interests are at stake? Well I never. (via SportsIllustrated)

-Great article about how long before we can start hearing Crosby cry about officiating. (via PuckDaddy)

-Finally, since I’m a bit of a movie nerd, thought this was cool. It’s a mash up of all the times the movie title is said in the movie. “And Fraizer gets in a quick jab, but the Empire strikes back… THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK HARD AND DOWN GOES FRAIZER!! DOWN GOES FRAIZER!!” (via Filmdrunk, by way of Gorillamask)

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