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The Daily Drive – March 24th 2011

The Daily Drive will be a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. But we won’t share the meaning of life with you.  If we let that little secret out God will be prettttty upset.

-Whoopi Goldberg was stoned when she accepted her academy award for Ghost in 1991.  Which is cool in our book, however it might explain why her acceptance speech is a little fuzzy.  It might also explain why she’s being molested in this picture above.

– However, the bigger story from that picture is that there is an HIV-Positive muppet.  Yes you actually read that sentence, meet Kami who stars on the South Africian version of Sesame Street.  Now this may be old news to some which would baffle me since you shouldn’t still be watching Sesame Street…but this is good I am glad kids know it is okay to have HIV, you’ll still be able to play tickle me Elmo.  What does interest me is how did Kami become HIV-positive?  Let’s break it down and then vote it up.

  • Ernie and Bert: Gay Lovers. They have to be the favorites.  Kami experimented and things got weird
  • Oscar The Grouch: Kami was a normal individual until falling deep into drugs while visiting his garbage can
  • Mr. Snuffleupagus: Always creeping around
  • Big Bird: Initiation onto Sesame Street went thru Bird
  • Count von Count: Count took a chomp out of Kami and the blood flow wasn’t good.

– One last Sesame Street rant, because he says it best.

In the fun injury world of the Phillies Chase is on the DL.  Roy got hit in the neck with baseball.  Luis Castillo went 0-4 and is still fat and slow.  And I’m Contemplating doing this right now.

– The Knicks and Sixers both had huge games last night.  The Sixers rallied and defeated the hawks which moved them within 2.5 games of the Hawks for 5th in the East.  The Knicks on the other hand continued to tumble and are now 7-10 since the Melo trade and 35-36 on the season.  The New York Post let their feelings towards the Knicks be known with this cover.

The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective compiled the box score from Space Jam. (via wired.com)

– A Pennsylvania woman was found with over 100 various items including 54 bags of heroin in her ——- vagina.

– Lastly if you haven’t seen Epic Meal Time you should watch it. Meat, Cursing & Yelling, Being Fat=Entertaining.

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