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Utley to Start Season on DL?

Chase is going to have plenty of time to play with his puppies.

ESPNPhiladelphia Phillies’ second baseman Chase Utley  is “very likely” to start the season on the disabled list because of his troublesome right knee, team general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Thursday.

Amaro did not say Utley would definitely start the season on the DL.

But when asked if it was likely Utley would go on the disabled list, Amaro said: “I would think so. I haven’t seen him on the field yet and we’re a week away [from Opening Day].”

“I think he feels better, but it will be a long-term process,” Amaro added.

Utley has spent the spring recovering from patellar tendinitis, chondromalacia and bone inflammation in his knee. The Phillies and Utley have explored as many options as possible to avoid surgery that could sideline the second baseman for a lengthy period of time.

Utley has battled a number of persistent injuries the past four years. He spent 31 days on the disabled list in 2007 with a broken bone in his right hand. He played through hip issues in 2008, then had surgery after that season and pushed himself to return by Opening Day, defying initial estimates that he could be out until May.

Last season, he spent 49 days on the disabled list with torn ligaments in his thumb, but returned several weeks early from that injury as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s officially time to get excited about watching Luis Castillo slap grounders for outs and drop fly balls.  ESPN is reporting that Utley is likely to start the season on the DL.  No surprise here.  Phillies’ fans must have already expected a high dose of Castillo after that last ditch effort of a signing, but the real question is how long will it last?  Although Philly does potentially posses the best pitching staff in recent baseball history, Can Howard carry the Phillies offense by himself?  Doubtful.  With no one in the lineup to insulate him, it should be about August 12th until Howard sees a pitch that isn’t a breaking ball.  I guess phans can take a little consolation knowing they still have Jimmy Rollins.

One response to “Utley to Start Season on DL?

  1. captaindan95 March 25, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    That Jen Utley is a tasty little treat isnt she

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