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Uconn vs. Zona – running diary

Finally, at the bar. LET’s jump in to the game.
9:01 left in first Rolling Rock in hand, Uconn down 4. I’m with some friends who are big UConn fans, so naturally they didn’t go to UConn

8:45 left in first theres a crazy woman by the video poker machine, with her dog, Princess. She just asked me too feed her. I love CT.

6:21 left in first Uconn up by 2, Raps (my good friend) has already made his prescense known, the cheerleader. The locals are agitated.

commercial in first My God I want a mini giraffe

4:20 left in first Uconn up by three, my friends are debating all time favorite NCAA buzzer beaters. I am notably absent from the convo.

3:33 left in first Where are the ‘Zona coeds???

1:57 left in first Uconn missing chances, letting Zona stay in the game.

commercial in first ” tell me the real Lana wouldn’t be smokin’,” Raps. Big three Uconn on the return from break.

to the sideline in first friends want a better looking sideline reporter. “Was Erin Andrews busy tonight?” says Anthony. “This woman probably doesn’t even menstruate anymore,” Raps.

commercial in first The woman at State Farm U. with the sweater around the neck can get it.

halftime Beer time!

halftime Relax test driver, it’s a Volvo, you can take the helmet off

18:18 left in second Where are the cheerleaders CBS, step your game up. Uconn up by 5.

commercial in second This dog Princess is just not responding, someone cut her off.

15:55 left in second Uconn by three. Zona storming back. Consensus: Emilio went with Estavez instead of his dads name because Emilio Sheen just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

15:41 left in second All tied up in Anaheim. Raps has let out the foghorn AKA his mouth. The bar seems indifferent.

12:27 in second Uconn goes to the line up 4. Raps thinks Zona is traveling so hard they must be part of a 12-step program.

11:50 left in second Uconn up 6, this game is getting good. Whats that, am I getting interested in BBall game? Quickly give me a Molson and tell me why the Oilers have what it takes for next years Cup run

9:17 left in second Uconn up by 3, Zona starting to make moves. Are they still considered points in the paint if its all hardwood covered?

8:35 left in second Raps and the dog lady are becoming friends. I like potential, but he doesnt seem like the adopting type.

6:36 left in second Uconn down 1, and another fucking TV timeout. I’m convinced hockey isn’t popular in the US cause it’s the least advertisable sport of the Big 4. I’ll take sponsors on the jersey for ESPN coverage.

3:o4 left in second Uconn up 7, looking strong. I’m going to say they have it. Also, I hate when people refer to baseball as the ball game. For me it’s baseball or nothing, no exception.

commercial in second Grrrr Fast 5 Fast Furious trailer. Car porn!!!!!

2:25 left in second Dog Lady hates these close games, I hate her. Lose, lose. Kemba is huge. I cannot wait till he fails in the NBA.

1:048 left in second why is it a jump ball when there is no jumping involved. Way to give me blue balls ref.

.20 left in second Dog lady is providing play-by-play, I’d rather her keep talking to her dog. Uconn up two, Zona ball. March Madnesss Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!

final I honestly thought that last 3 chance was going to fall. Raps just got called a dork for blocking the TV. With that we are done. UConn wins and is off to the Final Four and I’m off to my next drink. Until next time.

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