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Expert Analysis from ESPN

Well here are your so-called ESPN Expert Analysts.  Apparently Dick Vitale’s wife wouldn’t have picked VCU.  Well apparently she knows about as much about college basketball as you do Dicky V.  And don’t get me wrong; I am sure no one in the universe, outside of a VCU alum, actually picked them to be in the Final Four, but is it necessary to have such a smug attitude when talking about these picks?  Just look at Jay Bilas’ face at the end of the video when he says that these UAB and VCU don’t even pass the laugh test.  I guess that is just the attitude and level of character that is taught at Duke.  Guess that’s why the Dukies will be watching VCU and Butler from their homes this year.  And Digger… do you really think that Colorado had the stones to make it to the Final Four just because they beat overrated Missouri and Texas squads?  They had three shots at beating Kansas this year (including a 26 point blowout), and the closest they came was a four point loss.  And don’t you just love the message that VCU sent to Kansas?  It isn’t about looking like a champion, it’s about playing and performing like one.  How bout instead of sticker shopping, you so-called experts actually do some research on the personnel and team match-ups?  You guys missed a slam dunk to promote a mid-major this year in Butler, and with the recent trend in college basketball it may be time to reconsider how we view the mid-major conferences.

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