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The Daily Drive – March 28th, 2011

The Daily Drive will be a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.  Except for what we did this weekend because let me tell you…things got weird. Very weird.

– It’s Monday, but no one should be depressed because in 3 days baseball is back baby!  We’ll have team previews, predictions all sorts of the typical “OMG baseball is starting” stuff so stay tuned all week.

– Both the Sixers & Flyers lost yesterday.  The Flyguys lost a tough battle against a determined Bruins team who are battling the Flyers and Capitals for the top spot in the East and to avenge last years dissapointment.  On the other hand the Sixers lost to the 20-52 Kings.  So who is Lou Williams blaming for this loss? Naturally, Lil Wayne.  Apparently Lou and some other Sixers were out until 3:30ish despite their game starting at 12 the next day.  Ah, the good old NBA.  You think the Phillies are going to have that issue this season?  Personally I can’t see Country Joe or Jose Contreas rockin out to “Gonorrhea“.

– Charlie Sheen used the great Lenny Dykstra to secure a $7 million loan for his new home in Beverly Hills.  Nails was actually a well respected financial anaylst at one point.  But over the past few years he’s been sued for millions of dollars, filed for bankruptcy, had his $17.5 million mansion foreclosed, and the repo men nearly took away his German Sheppard, valued at an absurd $10,000.  Obviously his downward spiral fits right in with Charlie’s lifestyle.  And now four pictures of Lenny Dykstra that make me chuckle.

– In different incidents both Jason Peters & Rick Ross were arrested in the great town of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Ross was arrested for maryjaneing while the Eagles left tackle was, in the words of Ludacris, Disturbin’ the peace by not turning his radio down.  I don’t really listen to rap and it’s not football season so this isn’t a big deal.  But it is funny because they both look the same and most likely weigh a combined 800 pounds.  Again once again thank God this won’t happen to the Phillies.  Could you see Chooch and Kyle Kendrick bumpin “I’m A Star“? Yeah, me neither.

– VCU. Butler. Connecticut. Kentucky.  2 of 5.9 million people got the final four teams correct in their ESPN entry.  Me? I was one of the 70.3% of brackets that didn’t pick a single one of them for the final four.  But I’ve already won $125 in a March Madness grid pool so who cares.

– As I said before Opening Day is a couple days away, and while every one has probably seen this commerical 1,000,000 times on ESPN, it excites me.

– Despite baseball being so close we still have a couple days to get through so here is Michelle Hunziker.  Who is she? I’m not really sure, apparently she’s an actress/model/tv host hybrid from Europe.  But the reason we are sharing her with you is because well she looks..friendly.

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