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Every time Kentucky has won a Championship since 1949, so have the New York Yankees



Barstool Sports NY:

Well if it wasn’t official already, it is today!    Championship #28 is on it’s way to the Bronx!   I just checked the stats on Wikipedia and the last 6 times Kentucky has won the National Championship, the Yankees have won the World Series. You could look it up.   1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996 (Back at the track at the wall we are TIED!) and 1998.    The last 6 Kentucky titles in April have led to Yankee titles in October.   Not once or twice, or even 3 times.  6 fucking times!    You don’t bet against a streak like that.   It’s like KFC just said, “Every time VCU wins it, the Mets win the World Series.”   Same thing.    Plus it all makes sense now why I liked Kentucky so much (did I mention I liked Kentucky?)   It wasn’t Coach Cal, it wasn’t Brandon Knight, it was the Yankee connection that existed all along.  It’s like the 2 greatest teams/programs are forever linked in sports history.   If you double-check that picture of me with the 2 Playmates like all the girls have been doing this morning, that hip shirt I have on is pure Kentucky blue!  It’s like an unstoppable force right now.    Listen the Red Sox can try to buy a championship all they want this year.   We’ll take Destiny every time.


So the hilarious blog-geniuses over at Barstool Sports NY have discovered a crack in the space-time continuum; evidently, the last six times Kentucky has won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, the Yankees have won the World Series.  According to Barstool Sports, Kentucky and NY have both won championships in 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996 and 1998.  While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Kentucky is the best Men’s Basketball Program (see: UCLA, 11 National Titles), I would agree that this is quite an interesting phenomenon.  For all you fans of both the Big East and the Yankees out there that may be reconsidering your allegiance to UCONN this weekend, don’t forget, the Yankees have also done it 21 times without the Wildcat’s help.  Hopefully if Kentucky does win, it won’t be vacated like Calipari’s previous two Final Four appearances.


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