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Time to Nut Up Fly Guys



Huge game tonight vs. the hated Penguins.  This Guy says its the biggest of the year.  Hopefully the Fly Guys can generate some offense on the PP to help out young goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky tonight.  Bob has been playing well as of late but the flyers are still without a shutout this season.  Could tonight be the night?  Lets hope so.




2 responses to “Time to Nut Up Fly Guys

  1. X-Man March 29, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    captindan leave the blogging up to the puck man… u suck man

  2. Laughlin March 30, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    HUGE win for the Flyers on so many levels! First the obvious. A loss against the Pens Thursday night would have put them in a points tie for the Atlantic and the Eastern Conference with Pittsburgh, and only a point up on the second place Capitals (they lost in a shootout to Carolina). With the win, the Flyers are 4 points ahead of the Pens and 3 points ahead of the Caps with a game in hand on both. Now for the not so obvious importance of this win. The Flyers battled from behind two separate times and got outplayed in the first period in every aspect. The past several weeks, the first period dictated their play for the rest of the game. They broke this habit by rebounding in the second period and coming out guns blazing. Scottie Hartnell’s tying goal in the second was the turning point. He started the shift by getting in Fleury’s face and paying for it in front, only to dish out a text book face wash in the mean time. 30 seconds later he scores a quintessential Hartnell goal: DRIVE HARD AND JAM IT IN (right in the face of Fleury no less). Immediately following, Brooks Orpik delivered a hefty cross check to his back, almost severing Hartnell in half over the cross bar. Hartnell celebrated his goal with a stinky glove to the face of Orpik.

    Fuck the Gordie Howe Hat Trick…Hartnell has made a career out of the Scottie Hat Trick: face wash, goal, face wash

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