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The Daily Drive – March 30,2011

The Daily Drive will be a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Except last nights math homework. For realsies. Mr. G said if he caught me cheating again, I’d get detention for a week, and he was super cereal.

-True story: I got a splinter once when I was, I don’t know, 8 years old. Cried and cried and cried, cause I thought it was never going to come out of my finger. What? No, I’ve never played ice hockey competitively, why do you ask?

And Phillies nation breathes a sigh of relief, as Luis Castillo has been cut.

-Interested in keeping your ashes at the Daytona Speedway? Pray no more! P.S., don’t ever change Florida.

-Jason Reid of the Washington Post tells us Carmelo Anthony is not a franchise player. No shit, Jason, now tell me what color the sky is.

-The Flyers got a huge win last night, besting the Penguins (who recieved some good news today) 5-2. The Capitals lost in a shootout, so the Flyers moved to 3 points ahead of Washington for top spot in the East.

-Hug not drugs must be the motto in the 76ers locker room.

-The Rangers take on Buffalo tonight, in what could help solidify at least the 7th spot in the standings for the Rags. Meanwhile, Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy asks if the New York Rangers are the sleeper in the east.

-Jeter will be batting, GASP!, second on opening day. Suddenly all those problems in the Middle East and Japan seem so insignificant now.

Guess how many hoagies I can fit in my mouth at once?

– Oh, Sofia Vergara, even in a one piece bikini you are sexier than 99% of the population. (via)


Happy birthday, Dad!!

3 responses to “The Daily Drive – March 30,2011

  1. gomattg March 30, 2011 at 6:35 PM

    Are you comparing a splinter to a skate to the face? I’m sure all of the New York and Philly fans on this site can agree that Boston fucking blows…but I can’t blame the guy for getting off the ice all bloodied up like that. BUT WHAT A PUSSY

  2. daftpuck March 30, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    yeah the joke is I cried after a splinter and this dude needed 40+ stitches for that gash but still tried to get off the ice for the line change. matt.

  3. gomattg March 30, 2011 at 6:40 PM

    ahhhh so you’re the pussy…long day, I should know your sarcasm by now. Tell your dad I can’t wait to kick his ass in the finals and take home the fantasy hockey trophy.

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