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2011 MLB Preview: Expert Predictions

2011 Preview

It’s finally here.  It’s been 149 days since Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz to clinch the title of World Series Champions for the San Francisco Giants.  But today, last year is officially in the history books and we begin the long journey towards crowning a new world champion.  Will we see the Giants pitching staff carry them to another World Series?  Will a healthy team mean a return to the fall classic for the Yankees?  Do the Phillies have too many injuries to overcome?  Will the Mets lose 100 games?  Will the Red Sox two big free agency signings reignite the rivalry for AL supremacy?  All these questions will be answered as the season unfolds, besides the Mets losing a 100 games- that’s a given already.  All of us here at 90on95 decided to write up why baseball is so insanely awesome, as well as our own predictions for upcoming 2011 season, here they are.  Enjoy the season and most importantly, GO PHILLIES…..and from the other losers who write for this site…Go Yankees.

Yankees or Philies fan, this is sport that the authors of 90on95 hold near and dear to their hearts.  We ask ourselves a question that is the root of our insanity and the genesis of our fiery opinions towards the baseball teams separated by 90 miles and one highway: Why are you excited for baseball?


Baseball was a huge part of my life growing up.  It is the fabric of America, and I fucking love America.  Baseball isn’t timed.  Some people think this is stupid.  Stupid?!  You don’t wanna see the 3rd basemen pitch in the 18th? Because I sure as hell do.  And most importantly, baseball gives me something to do EVERY NIGHT in the summer.  There was nothing like listening to Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn call a game in the middle of July when I was a kid.  Now I have to listen to Tom McCarthy and Wheels every night, but it doesn’t matter, because the crack of the bat and the snap of the glove will always sound the same.


It’s been a garbage year for my puck squad, with the only bright hope being two first round draft picks. Chelsea has to beat Man United three  times in the next month and a half to achieve some sort of glory. Right now, baseball, the Fish, they’re the only thing I have going for me. I can’t wait to go to my first Mets/Fish game, rock my HanRam jersey shirt proud, and get hella drunk listening to Mets fans try and talk shit. Oh, and national pastime, or whatever.


Cliff Lee-prise and the Oce-Doc going head to head for the Cy Young, Choooooooooooch, dollar-dog nights at The Bank, The Bullpit, and nitrous tanks in the lot…it’s Cadillac Time baby!


Since I was born it was baseball, baseball, baseball in the Parker house.  If there’s a game on during dinner your damn right we are moving that table near a TV so we can watch.  I remember a game back in 1998 when I was 10 years old.  Greg Maddux vs. Curt Schilling.  I was so excited to go to this game.  Then lunch came around and I got sick, real sick.  Couldn’t stop throwing up all day.  I came home from school early and realized no chance the rents let me go to the game.  But I convinced my parents (more my mom because my dad obviously really wanted to go) that I would be fine for the game.  We made it to the game, I brought my puke bucket into the Vet and threw up throughout most of the game, but it was worth it we got to the see two of the greatest pitchers in MLB history duel to a 1-0 Phillies win.  Now I’m 23, have been to too many games to count, have a huge Phillies logo on my arm and I know that starting April 1st I can wake up each day until late October knowing I get to be on the crazy roller coaster that is baseball season. Let’s Go.


Plain and simple – nothing makes me feel prouder to be a red-blooded American than baseball and summer time.

Papa Bear:

I love baseball because it makes time irrelevant.  Baseball critics call for the game to be shortened.  Why?  What else do we have to do in the summer?  Baseball gives both teams the same amount of chances to win.  The competition doesn’t end because of a game clock.  The game ends because one team has thoroughly beaten their opponent.  Oh, and did I mention beers (and beermosas) and barbecues’?  Also, what Laughlin said.

Play Ball.

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