90 on 95

Sports, rumors, and humor from the Ben Franklin to the George Washington


“We Like you so much more than Werth!”

(Photo courtesy of philly.com via Ron Cortes)

God I love baseball season.  Down 2 runs in the 9th inning, the Phillies came back and got a win by simply stroking Brandon Lyon’s fastballs puss-balls for singles all over the yard.  Big John Mayberry Jr got the hit that sent the phaithful down at CBP crazy (is it fate that I ordered my lunch from an establishment called Big John’s Deli?!?).  Now being the seasoned fan that I am, I always have some sort of confidence the Phillies will get it done in the latter innings, and today was no different.  Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard got the inning started off right with singles, and after J-Roll stole third, the ‘Stro’s had themselves in a bit of a predicament.  Brandon Lyons was throwing 87 MPH meatballs and the Phightin Phils were not backing down.  After Raul popped out we had consecutive singles from Ben Francisco, Chooch, and Willy Valdez to tie the game up.  And with the bases full, Big John came through.  Great start to the season and guess what?  CLiff Lee is pitching tommorow.  Yup its gonna be tough to sleep tonight.

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