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Win. Win. Win.

Wow.  All winter I waited for this weekend, wanting to get the image of the Giants celebrating on the Phillies infield out of my head.  As I sat there in the top of the 7th inning watching Michael Bourn run towards third base for a two run triple I simply sat my back down in my seat and said…Shit.   This wasn’t the way this season was suppose to start, there’s too much hype for us to just lay down to Brett Myers and the hopeless Astros.  For 8 and a half innings the Phillies mustered just 2 runs, trailing 4-2 going into their last at-bats.
Then, it happened.  Jroll single. Howard single. Raul measly popout. Jroll steals third (Howard stays at 1st because he’s fat, but thankfully it didn’t screw anything up). BenFran Single. 4-3. Chooch single. Willy Style single. 4-4. Wow.  As Mayberry came to the plate it was simple, get it in the outfield.  He battled off a couple really tough inside cutters then juiced a ball over Michael Bourn’s head. 5-4. Phillies win. Boom.

To the people who left this game early? Suck it.  Any one who leaves a game early isn’t a real fan. Period.  It was April 1st, but it felt like it was playoff baseball in the bottom of the 9th.  The crowd sans probably 10,000 people was insane. Loud. and above all thankful the Phils came back.  This game set the tone for not only the weekend, but the season.

I wasn’t suppose to go to Saturday’s game, but in the words of my friend, “It’s Cliff Lee day, it would be rude not to”.  So after work was done at 6, I stayed above 85mph my entire way to the bank, got to chug 3 beers due to Pat hitting 3 cans in washers in about 10 minutes and walked into to watch the great Clifford Phifer Lee.  Of course he was his studly self striking out 11 over seven strong innings leading the Phils to a 9-4 win.  You could tell the crowd’s message toward Cliff was simple, thank you, we love you, welcome back.  Cliff thinks some Phillies fans are drunks, which probably 39,000 of the fans were.  However a lot of that energy was simply because, well, we missed you Cliff.

Sunday was the chill, calm, it’s almost nice enough to take your shirt off kinda game.  I kept mine on because I didn’t want to scare the children, but you get the point.  We started tailgating at about 9:45 which is amazing due to the levels of intoxication that were reached following Cliff Lee day.  Had to be a weird day for Roy Jr. who was facing the Astros, the team he played for the past 10 seasons for the first time ever, besides when he played left field against them in that funk game last August.  He was what you expected for six solid innings and the Phillies bats finally hit some long balls winning 7-3.

Overall it was an awesome weekend and a great start to the season for the Phillies.  I had at least 15 “Thank God baseball is back” conversations throughout these three games.  Had a couple solid tailgates.  Drank a lot of brews.  And above all we still got a shot at 162-0.  I’ll leave you with a couple cool things that happened this weekend.

  • Me and CaptainDan tried the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser on Sunday.  Results. Not too good.  It’s cool and quick as hell and only cost $6.25, but as CaptainDan learned, don’t move the magnet on the bottom the beer will come out, quickly.  And a lot of beer still manages to drip through the hole covered by just the magnet.  But the beer comes up from the bottom! So who cares it’s neat in my eyes.
  • Jimmy Rollins had multi-hit games in all 3 games.  How many times did he have 3 straight multi hit games last season? Once.
  • First time since 1970 the Phillies opened a season with a sweep at home
  • The Phillies haven’t opened 4-0 since 1915.  They had an outfielder named Possum Whitted on that team.
  • Phillies starters (Halladay, Lee, Oswalt) combined stats: 19innings. 14hits. 6ER. 1BB. 23SO. 2.84ERA. 0.79WHIP. NASTY.NASTY.NASTY.
  • Jayson Who? BenFran went 6-13 with a HR 4 Runs and 4 RBI.

Bring on the Mutts, who somehow managed to let this video slip into their wrap on on opening day.

2 responses to “Win. Win. Win.

  1. Juan April 5, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    out field is one word.

    Oswalt played LF in August not April

  2. TimmyP April 5, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    Thanks Coach!

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