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Bring on the Mutts


Get Some Bitches”


Well sports fans tonight’s ballgame feature a match up between Cole Hamels and Chris Young of the NY Mutts.  While optimism is reaching all-time highs in Queens after the winning of an away series against the Fish in south Florida (something they didn’t do until June last year), the excitement is most likely going to be shelved after facing Ace # 4 tonight.  Cole had himself an up and down spring in which he looked like his normal dominant self on some days, and other days looking like a watered down version.  Many that are close to Cole have said that he’s a “Big Stage” type pitcher. Once he gets out on the bump at CBP tonight with 45 thousand drunk raucous fans you can be sure the adrenaline will be pumping.  His counterpart is somewhat of a local product to us here at 90on95.  Chris Young was a standout two sport athlete at Princeton University and decided to use his tall goofy stature for the good of us baseball fans as opposed to becoming just another white guy on the bench of an NBA team.  He is coming off a season where he had some serious injuries and decided that he would like a chance to help the helpless Mets with their rebuilding project.  Any production out of Young would be an improvement over last year’s disgrace of a rotation.  With Johan “I swear I didn’t rape her” Santana out until at least May, the Mets will seriously need some W’s out of the big right-hander.


Offensively it looks as if the Phillies have made some offseason adjustments (taking pitches) that have dramatically helped the production of the club.  While a three game series against the Astro’s is a small sample size, it seems like the mentality has changed quite a bit.  Like my dad always tells me, patience is a virtue, and it looks as if some players in the lineup (J-Roll, Ryno) have taken that to heart.  Ben Francisco has done an adequate job of filling in for Jayson Werth so far and hopefully the more AB’s he gets the more confident he will become.

The Mets have players that have become adequate hitters in MLB today.  David Wright, while I hate him, is a solid hitter with power to all fields.  Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy do an admirable job in the offense and should improve with another year of ball under their belt.  Jose Reyes is the bane of my existence.  I hope both of his hamstrings explode while he’s doing one of his stupid fucking dances.  You can always count on Jose to do something stupid to fuck up a Mets rally though so let em play.  Carlos Beltran has never lived up to the lofty expectations that Mets fans had for him.  He’s coming off a year where he battled serious knee problems, and he hasn’t really been the same since 2007.


So we got a good one on tap tonight folks.  Enjoy the game and Lets go Cole.

I am curious though…

4 responses to “Bring on the Mutts

  1. Big Feet April 5, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    I remembered Mets fan rambling on abt how Jose Reyes was the next coming of Jeter and going to be better. Well after last year and the start of this year I guess they were right…

  2. gomattg April 5, 2011 at 5:13 PM

    Helpless, helpless, helpless, heeeeelpless

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