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A Sportscenter Rundown Every Yankee Fan Can Love

Got to love the ESPN rundown.

This is why I love baseball.  I spent all winter/spring trying to convince myself that Boston is not as scary as everyone is making them out to be, and finally, just in time for our spring MLB previews, I realized that the Red Sox really aren’t as scary as they were made out to be.  So today I get to the office and I am greeted by this wonderful sight on Sportscenter.  Headline after headline of Boston struggles.  Apparently famed ESPN writer and avid Boston sports fan (originally nicknamed the Boston Sports Guy) claimed he wasn’t going to tweet on Twitter until the Red Sox won.  HAHAHA are you kidding me?  Yeah OK Bill.  Don’t tweet, that will surely save your season.  Maybe that’s the Mets’ problem.  Too many fans on Twitter jinxing their club.  The Sox have started the season off 0-4. No team has won the World Series after starting 0-4.  Boston fans can stew a little bit over that one while they eat their chowdah and do god-knows what else goes on up there.  Now I may have been a little premature  when I reacted to seeing Boston Banged Up in the rundown, because it is the Celtics who are banged up and not the Sox.  But honestly, who cares?  I like to see each and every Boston team and fan suffer.  Finally, ESPN closed out their bit on Boston sports with the headline Boston Blues.  Now if that is not the most awesome-alliteration-available, then call me Theo Epstein.

3 responses to “A Sportscenter Rundown Every Yankee Fan Can Love

  1. gomattg April 6, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    Sports Center as soon as you get into work? Glad to see that you haven’t lowered your standards for place of employment. I was nervous that you didn’t have a Wii, Rock Band, or some other type of entertainment to keep you occupied at work.
    …I like Boston Blows as well, but they probably wouldn’t air that.

  2. Boston Dave April 8, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    Last time a yankee fan counted us down and out we turned out just fine. Thanks for the first win of the season today!

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