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Phillies Preview – April 6th 2011


April 6th 2011
New York Mets (3-1) Mike Pelfrey (0-1, 10.38ERA) @ Philadelphia Phillies (3-1) Joe Blanton (Season Debut)

After an absolute ass kicking last night the Phillies send their 5th Ace starter Joe Blanton to the hill to face Mike Pelfrey.  Cole Hamels got his tits absolutely ripped off by the Mets in his first start of the 2011 season.  Mets pitcher Chris Young managed two hits off Cole in a six run third inning which Hamels didn’t make it out of.  Young was solid pitching into the sixth inning holding the Phillies offense to just one run.  The Phillies had a chance in the bottom of the 5th with the bases loaded, but Ryan Howard dribbled out to second base to end the inning.  There are going to be a whole lot of games where the Phillies offense struggles and only scores 1 or 2 games so I wasn’t shocked watching this, however a hit by Howard there and they are right back in the game.  To be honest I was happy with our offense.  Jimmy Rollins had a bunt single for the first time since June of 2009…I nearly had a heart attack as I saw him square to bunt with no one on base something I think he has done twice since 09.  Ben Francisco also hit 2 balls that would have been home runs if it wasn’t for the lovely weather last night.  All in all a terrible game, but hey 161-1 is still attainable.

Keys to the Game
– Shane Victorino….Get on base.  He went 0-5 last night with 3k’s and is now hitting .154 with a .214 OBP.  Stat Nerd talk for you are sucking as a lead off hitter/getting on base so far Shane-o.  He’s a career .297 against Pelfrey so maybe, just maybe Shane will get on base tonight.

– Get to Pelfrey early.  He’s been absolutely brutal on the road.  He got ripped by the fish opening day and in his last 10 road starts is 1-6 with a 6.57 ERA.  In his last 5 games in Philly? 1-2 with eight HRs allowed and a 8.17ERA. 

– Solid outing from Blanton.  Joe knows his role.  He’s fat, not an ace, but pitches quick and was good in the 2nd half last year going 6-1 with a 3.48ERA in 15 starts.  I’ll take 6 innings 3 runs every time Country Joe starts and that’s probably what he will do tonight.

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