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Rangers Lose Tough One to Thrashers


How easily things can change for the Rangers.  Tortorella said it would be a few games before he’d stop calling Callahan’s number since he played in every situation.  Well, he certainly wished they had Cally tonight.  After a decent 1st period the Rags gave up 2 goals in 15 seconds in the 2nd, which proved to be too big a hole to crawl out of.  I mean these fuckin guys pretended the game meant nothing, so now they’re stuck needing a loss by Carolina tomorrow against shot-lanta, or Sunday against Tampa.  Yeah, the rangers played like a bunch of ducks tonight–the sitting kind not the mighty kind.  ZERO goals in the biggest game thus far, and it was at fucking home.  They spent the whole goddamn game chasing the puck.  Pavelec did make a few big saves but for the most part the Rags looked like shit.  It must have been HBC’s ‘Night of a Million Shits’ or something because that was pathetic.  I would recap the game more but I decided to replace every word with the word shit.

So what’s next for the Rangers? Saturday afternoon at home vs. the Devils.  I have no idea which team will show up but I am expecting the worst, that’s for sure.  After tonight’s loss when asked if it sucked running into a hot goalie Tortorella said “He wasn’t hot… We laid an egg.”  That is the truth–in a huge game.  The best part of this whole thing is Carolina has been resting up getting ready to play IN Atlanta tomorrow night.  So now the Thrashers are jumping on a plane back from NYC.  They better not be fuckin tired tomorrow and Carolina better lay an egg of their own.

One thing abut Tortorella, he is a wannabe hard ass at times, and tonight was one of those times.  He benched Gaborik, yeah Gaborik, for not back checking hard enough on the third Atlanta goal (who’da thunk it).  Okay I get it man.  You want to flex a little muscle but that was definitely not the time.  Down big to an inferior opponent in the 3rd period is never the time to remove your most talented goal scorer from the lineup.  But it happened, and now Gaborik has some time to think about what he’s done.  Hey Gabby, shame on you for covering Marc Stall’s position and not being as good at it as he is.  We brought you here to block shots and passes, not camp out in front of the net and score goals.  Fuckin ridic.

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