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Dancin’ in the streets

Thank you Tampa Bay Lightning.  I really hope the Rangers don’t get matched up against them at some point this postseason because I’d be hard pressed to root against them.  With nothing to do but rest their stars, the Lightning lit up Cam Ward and the ‘Canes for 6 goals en route to a victory in the biggest game of the year for the Rags.  The Lightning’s performance overshadows that of the Rangers, but they were equally huge.  Down 2-1 the Rags scored 4 unanswered, including Ryan McDonaugh’s first career NHL goal (golf clap).  You think this wasn’t huge? Check out Brandon Prust.

Call it out around the world

photo found via newsday.com

The good news gets even better.  Drury not only played, he scored.  And even more importantly, on face-offs he romper stomped anyone who lined up against him.  Can he help bring the cup back to NYC? I sure fuckin hope so, but we got a loooong way to go.

Next stop, Washington.  The Caps are gonna be a tough opponent since Bruce Boudreau’s job pretty much depends on them making it through the first round of the playoffs.  But with King Henrik between the pipes, Boudreau might as well start packing his shit.  That means IFF (notice the 2 f’s all you private-schoolers) the Flygers can get past Buffalo, they will have the honor of losing to the Rangers.  Oh by the way, for those of you wondering what a Flyger is.  It’s a cross between a tiger, a lion, and a faggot.  Or, if you’re lazy, it’s a cross between a liger and a fag, your choice.

I realize I’m getting ahead of myself here, especially considering the Rags still gotta beat the 107 point Capitals.  Fuck it, sue me. I’m pretty goddamn fired up.  Love him or hate him, Avery is the only guy the Rangers have that can sink to the Flyger level of dirty play/goonish behavior.

I know where I'll stretch my groin...

photo found on hockeyforum.com

One response to “Dancin’ in the streets

  1. Laughlin April 11, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    If you want to throw around a few well-placed curse words, that’s one thing. But please leave homophobic slurs out of this blog entirely. It reflects poorly on the other authors that have family and friends read this blog and quite frankly, is embarassing for the rest of us.

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