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Phillies Preview – April 9th 2011

April 9th 2011 – 1:10pm
Philadelphia Phillies (5-2) Roy Oswalt (1-0, 3.00 ERA)
@ Atlanta Braves (4-4) Brandon Beachy (0-0,1.50 ERA)

Yikes.  I’m not gonna spend much time on the game last night because thinking about it makes me sick.  Cliff was missing his pitch locations all night and when he did the Braves juiced the ball.  Mix in a dropped fly ball by Shane-O, a weak, check swing 1-2-3 double play and the Braves had all they needed.  But the bigger story is Cliff.  I drunkenly remember a graphic they were showing on ESPN around 2am last night discussing how much he was missing his spots.  Lee very rarely does that, but he was off last night and the Braves lineup, which I think is going to be very strong this year jumped all over him.   The Phillies offense started off strong scoring 3 runs in the first two innings and made it look like they might be able to get Hudson out of the game early, but instead they only managed 4 hits over the next 7 innings.  They wasted a golden opportunity when Ryan Howard came up with the bases loaded in the 5th, but he hit an excuse me dribbler back to Tim Hudson who quickly started a 1-2-3 inning ending double play.  On to the next game, but Cliff…I’m not happy with you.

As the pictures above suggest, it’s a man versus a boy today.  Catfish grillin, deer killin Roy Oswalt will be opposed by the young Brandon Beachy.  This will be Beachy’s 5th career MLB start.  The Phillies faced him twice last year and beat him both times.  Roy Jr. on the other hand is making the 305th start of his career.  He has never gotten a win against the Braves, the only NL team which Roy hasn’t beaten.  However Roy is the definition of hick.  One of the highlights on Sunday’s game was his at-bat music.  I couldn’t find it online, but it has something to do with hunting and naturally throwing catfish on the grill.  He’d be buddy-buddy on the Braves with McCann, Chipper, and Uggla.  But thankfully he is pitching for us.  He needs to have a solid outing after the disaster that was Cliff Lee last night.   Key to the game today??  Scoring more runs then Braves.  Let’s Go Phillies.

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