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Phillies Preview – April 10th 2011

April 10th 2011 – 1:35pm
Philadelphia Phillies (6-2) Cole Hamels (0-1, 20.25 ERA)
Atlanta Braves (4-5) Derek Lowe (1-1, 0.77 ERA)

CHOOOOOOOOOCH.  For the second straight series the Phillies manage a win in game 2 after a disappointing opener.  Carlos Ruiz had the big hit, his first career pinch-hit homer and it was a grand slam to boot to give the Phillies a 7-2 lead.  They’d add on three more runs winning 10-2 over the Atlanta Braves.  Roy Oswalt battled through six innings holding the Braves to just one earned run.  His biggest spot of the day came in the bottom of the 6th when he got young phenom Jason Heyward to shatter his bat with the bases loaded weakly popping out to Placido Polanco at third.  The Phillies would go on to score five runs in the next half inning to seal the game.

The Phillies will send Cole Hamels to the hill today after a stellar 2 2/3 inning pitched against the New York Mets.  He was booed viciously by the Phillies faithful as he left in the third inning, but he’s okay with the boos, Cole says booing is cool.  He’ll be opposed by Derek Lowe.  Lowe seems like he is pitching against the Phillies for 7,000th time in his career.  He’s a solid veteran and has given the Phillies trouble.  The Phillies did make his head explode in Game 1 the 08′ NLCS when Chase and Pat the Bat hit homers off him in the 6th inning to give the Phils a 3-2 lead en route to winning game one in front of the home crowd.  The Phillies need a solid outing from Cole not just towards winning the game today, but for his confidence going forward this season.

Keys To The Game

  • Keep the offense flowing.  They lead the National League in runs scored, batting average, on base percentage, being completely clutch, and just all around being awesome.   Ryan Howard is en fuego.  I clicked on the Phillies stats this morning and I see his face, a lot.  The Phillies have six regulars with averages over .330, Raul is the only hitter who is hitting under .300.  While these averages will obviously fall over time, ride it while it’s hot.
  • Not really a key, but shut up the fans.  That stupid tomahawk chop is embarrassing.  Clap and yell when your team does something well don’t chop wood.
  • Cole Train.  He’s been my favorite Phillie for quite some time now.  But no excuses today.  It’s not 45 degrees and rainy and it’s not opening day jitters.  Get out there don’t rush and get all flustered and most importantly, hit your spots.  Tim Parker pitching coach extraordinaire signing off.  Go Phils.

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