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I love me some baldwin

We know you saw this already, but it was so good we thought we’d show it to you again.

So during the Yankees win against the Red Sox today this New Era commercial aired.  Fuckin great.  Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.  All I’m gonna say is “Does fire have a rivalry with kindling?” Maybe next home game after the bleacher creatures finish chanting the players’ names, they’ll add, “Al-ec Bald-win.”  That dude is a champ.

This might be the single best commercial I’ve ever seen.  Alec just kills everything he touches, but this is pure, effervescent beauty. And to think I was pissed that I was stuck at work watching Yanks Sox this early in the year when the Rangers final game was on.  Why is it that bar patrons think they own the clicker?  I make the drinks, therefore (by my logic) I SHOULD make the TV decisions.

I knew there was a reason I always thought Jim from The Office was kind of a pussy.  And it wasn’t because he waited for Pam when that other chick, the purse lady, was way hotter. (you be the judge)

photo found via

photo found via

I guess I should add “for a redhead” to that last sentence, but fuck it since they’re both gingervitis survivors.  The reason Jim is such a pussy isn’t because of that, or the long list of shit movies he’s done (the best being Shrek 3).  It’s because he is a Red Sox fan.  Good, you Boston dicks can have him.  We got Alec Baldwin.  Nuff said.

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