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Phillies Preview – April 13th 2011


April 13th 2011 – 7:05 pm
Philadelphia Phillies (7-3) Roy Halladay (1-0, 0.69 ERA)
Washington Nationals (5-5) John Lannan (1-0, 3.60)

Roy Halladay is a good guy to have on your baseball team.  John Lannan. Eh not so much.  Against the Phillies Lannan has had eleven starts going 0-8 with a 6.09 ERA.  That doesn’t look pretty.  Compare that to Doc who is 8-1 with a 1.96 ERA in 12 career games versus the Nats.  I’ll take Doc tonight, or any night for that matter, the man is a machine.  What does worry me about tonight’s pitching match up is that John Lannan, despite his horrific numbers is a Phillie killer.  Exhibit AExhibit B.  If you’re too lazy to click on links, he hit Chase Utley in 2007 on the hand causing him to miss an extended period of time.  Then last year he hit Ryan Howard who eventually injured himself running the bases.  Pretty much I’m scared someone is going to get injured facing a hack pitcher.

As for last night.  Ugh.  Our good friend JDub stepped up, then talked some shit which I guess he’s allowed to do after that performance.  The offense kind of flat lined against fat, slow-pitch Livan.  The fat guy the Phillies countered with once again hit hard and is blaming his recent struggles on mechanical issues.  Personally I think he struggled last night because he didn’t have his pregame Schmitter.

Keys To The Game

  • Doc Day.  He’s gonna be nasty tonight.  Coming off a Phillies loss for the second straight start expect Roy to be his normal stellar self.
  • Get the offense back in rhythm.   I remember last year the Phillies played the Mets against R.A. Dickey and his knuckle ball screwed the Phillies offense up for like two weeks.  Hopefully the 62 MPH curves Livan was hurling doesn’t have the same affect on the Phils.
  • Stay healthy.  I’m superstious as hell and I don’t like the trend of Phils injuries versus Lannan.

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