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The Betting Window – April 13th, 2011

We went 2-3 again yesterday, but I have a feeling that if we stayed away from the pitch, we could’ve eeked out a winning day. Also, I think we’re going to stay away from the over/under’s for a while – despite the small sample-size, 0-2 is no bueno.

My picks are on the left.

1. Philadelphia Phillies (Roy Halladay) (-193) @Washington Nationals (John Lannan)

The value is pretty awful, but Doc is a monster, and Lannan is a disaster against the Phillies. The southpaw is 0-8 with a 6.09 ERA in 11 starts against Philadelphia, and despite having to lay nearly 2-1, this bet is too good to pass up.

Jayson Werth got the first laugh last night, but Doc is no Joe Blanton

Jayson Werth got the first laugh last night, but Doc Halladay is no Joe Blanton

2. @Atlanta Braves (Tim Hudson) (-120) vs. Florida Marlins (Josh Johnson)

The Braves own the Marlins at Turner Field, winning eight of their last 10 by a combined score of 34-13. Additionally, Hudson has looked great in his first two outings, winning both games and maintaing an ERA less than two.

3. @Washington Capitals (-175) vs. New York Rangers

While I think the Rangers are a great value to win the series at +180, I have a feeling that the Capitals are going to dominate the first game of the series. During the last few days, Washington has had to hear all the pundits talk about how they were blown out by New York twice and lost the season series. As a fan I’m rooting for the Blueshirts, but tonight doesn’t look good for the away team.

4. @Philadelphia 76ers (-4.5) vs. Detroit Pistons

These teams are polar opposites. The Sixers are the best team in the league with the worst talent, and conversely the Pistons are the worst team in the league with the best talent. Not to worry though Detroit, after tonight the season is over and you can skip practice for the next five months.

5. Los Angeles Lakers (-2.5) @Sacramento Kings

With a win, the Lakers would lock up second place in the West and guarantee themselves home court advantage until the Western Conference Finals. If the aging San Antonio Spurs bow out in the first two rounds – which they will – then they’d have it until the NBA Finals. The loss of Andrew Bynum (SHOCKER) also gives the Lake Show an opportunity to make a statement – hey guys, we still have Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom in the paint.

Andrew Bynum in "Unbreakable 2: Knees of Glass"

Andrew Bynum in "Unbreakable 2: Knees of Glass"

Betting lines are provided by Bodog and are accurate at the time of this post.

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