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Phillies Preview – April 14th 2011


April  14th 2011 – 7:05 pm
Philadelphia Phillies (8-3) Cliff Lee (1-1, 7.84 ERA)
Washington Nationals (5-6) Jordan Zimmerman (1-1, 3.18 ERA)

Playing golf today so no time for a preview.  I know it’s Fly-guys playoff opener too so much of Philly will be focused on that.  Quickly though, Roy Halladay I love you.  That was an amazing performance last night in the ninth inning and an impressive win for the Phillies.

Keys to the Game

  • Location, Location, Location.  The only reason Cliff was brutal versus the Braves was due to him missing his spots by about a foot.  When you do that as a pitcher your going to get ripped.  Hopefully Cliff fixed that issue.
  • The Phillies have faced Zimmerman twice and ripped him both times scoring ten runs in eight innings.  Small sample size, but with the way the Phillies have been swinging the bats the trend should continue.  However, Zimmerman is a solid prospect with decent pitches and is off to a decent start thus far this year.
  • Raul Ibanez.  He’s about due for a day off due to his struggles, but against a righty I think Chuck will plug him in the lineup and he’ll have a big night tonight.  He’s 2-4 with a homer in his career versus Zimmerman.

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