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Catching Up

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit, so I figured I’d play a lil catch up.

Western Conference Previews

Some kid who allegedly writes for this blog named Pat was supposed to throw up two previews for the Western Conference Quarters, but I guess he didn’t. So real quick, here’s a nice rundown of what I think is going to happen. (Let’s pretend it’s 3 days ago.)

(3) Detroit VS. (6) Phoenix – In my opinion, this will be the easiest series to predict. It’s nothing against Phoenix, they just lack the intangibles to be a really good, consistent team in the NHL. The fact is that Shane Doan just hasn’t proven himself to be the franchise leader they expected. Sure he’s their best player, but that’s not hard to do with years of mismanagement and building a team in a small market. But what it comes down to is that we are lead to believe that Shane Doan is an Elite player and he simply is not. He’s been playing for Phoenix for since they were called the Winnipeg Jets (yeah, I had no idea he was that old either.) Yet every time his team has made the playoffs they haven’t advanced past the first round. If Phoenix is going to win a series, it’s going to be Doan that has to step up. And frankly, I don’t see that happening. Detroit in 4.

Other stuff, after the jump. 

(2) San Jose VS. (7) Los Angeles Kings – In 3 games taken place in late March, the LA Kings playoff run was seemingly over. Justin Williams was lost to a separated shoulder, and was ruled out for 4 weeks. Five day’s later Anze Kopitar broke his ankle against the Colorado Avalanche (small victories) and was put on the IR when they found out he needed surgery on the ankle and would be out over 6 weeks. That’s two of the key offensive players to the King’s system. I know Williams has come back, but wingers come and go, centers Renee, the heart of the team, that only happens like once, maybe twice a lifetime. But seriously without Kopitar I cannot see the Kings getting past the first round. San Jose in 5

Champions League

My boys the Chelsea Blues lost to rivals Manchester United on Tuesday, thus ending a season of high hopes. The Avs, the Irish, and the Blues are always teams I expect a certain amount of swagger from. That’s the nice thing about baseball, I don’t expect much from the Fish. So when the Florida Marlins are playing well, like they are right now (tied for the Wildcard, kind of like I predicted.) it’s always a welcome change of pace. Will it last long? I doubt it. Ricky No-No will hit a bump. Chris Volstad is Chris Volstad. But for now, at least there is a team giving me something be excited about. As for the rest of the Champions League, I don’t personally care anymore. I’m thinking Real Madrid will take it.

The Office

If you missed the most recent episode with Will Ferrel, you should stop what you are doing and watch it. Seriously.

Speaking of TV I love, here is a video for “Archer.” If you aren’t watching this show, you probably don’t think I’m funny.

That’s all guys. I played basketball for the first time in 5 years today, so I’m pretty tired. Yeah, I hung in there. Enjoy your weekend!

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