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First read this which was put together beautifully by Kyle Scott over at CrossingBroad.


You gotta love the classic case of colleague’s attacking each other through social media.  It just inspires me.  Phillies beat writer David Murphy and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez obviously have some sort of beef with each other.  Anytime the term “Shriveled Dick” gets tossed around you know someone means business.  Now obviously it wasn’t very professional how Gonzo called out Murph in his column.  That apparently got Dave’s Irish up to astronomical levels, thus starting a twitter battle for the ages.  Not Since Buzz Bissinger and Mark Cuban have we had a legitimate fight like this on twitter.  Now the rumor is that Murph may have wanted a piece of  a former CSN employee (Not the beautiful and talented Amy Fadool), whom has been linked to Gonzo (yes I feel dirty for typing this bullshit btw).  I have a solution to this problem though.  I have spent the past few hours coming up with a plan on how these two scorned lovers could once and for all find out who knows more words then the other.

The Name Game.

I suggest we rent out McFadden’s set up two podiums and GET IT ON.  Of course we would need a fully wasted lubricated Michael Barkann to mediate and announce.  We would have a best of seven series with different categories for each.  Now since this is a battle of manhood, drinking will most certainly be an essential part of the equation.  The loser of each round must drink two shots of alcohol which is chosen by the winner of each round.  Strategy will play a major part in this part of the competition.  I don’t know anyone that could drink a shot of Jameson followed by a shot of Jose Cuervo and not want to kill themselves.  Of course in between each round we would have the beautiful McFadden’s girls serve as corner women for each of our contestants.  The winner would be awarded a spot on this website (a guy can dream right?) to write full time (lets face it we could use the page views).  The loser would have to get down on their knees and kiss Matt Gelb’s bare ass.  Why Matt Gelb? IM MAKING THE RULES HERE!  I am fully prepared to present my idea to both of the parties of interest if they would be acceptable of my terms.  They know where to find me.  Oh they don’t know where to find me? Damn, well my twitter handle is @Captain_Dan95 (Follow me!).

2 responses to “LETS PLAY THE FEUD!

  1. fadool April 18, 2011 at 11:11 PM

    I have never spent anytime with Gonoz…in the workplace or socially. Barely have even talked to him in my time here. Gonzo is engaged to former CSN employee… Colleen Wolfe. Record…set straight

  2. captaindan95 April 18, 2011 at 11:26 PM

    That would make more sense. Didn’t mean to pass on bunk info, an addendum will be made. Thanks for clarification

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