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So long, division hopes

And just like that, the Phillies have wrapped up the NL East. It was a valient effort by the Fish, but after two weeks of baseball Logan Morrison’s error in the field seems to have voided any dream of a title run in South Beach.

The Phillies backs were against the wall in this series that for sure. After the trauma of giving up a pinch hit to former Phillie Lou er, Greg Dobbs the Fish had em right where they wanted them. Philadelphia was so scared that they even postponed the next game, as the city was in mourning.

When Anibal the Cannibal took the mound on Sunday, everyone could feel the tension. If Phillie dropped this game, the Fish would be roaring and would surely continue this hot play for the rest of the season. Even down 2-0 early the Fish showed masterful resiliance. Mike Stanton, Chris Coughlin, John Buck… Might as well be staring in a reimagining of the movie The Warriors (Mike Pelfrey, come out to plaaaaaaay.) Wunderkid Logan Morrison, who is on pace for ::quick calculator check:: over 120 RBIs and 40 HRs, had the game in his glove. A fly ball by Rhino, can of corn. Only it wasn’t.

Playing shallow, Logan misjudged the ball and underplayed it. Ball drops, E7. You know the rest. That runner ends up scoring despite the best bullpen in Major League Baseballs efforts. Game over, season over. It was an exciting two weeks for sure, but every great run comes to an end. Maybe next year Fish. Maybe next year.

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