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The Daily Drive – April 18th 2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.  Except for anything that involves women’s sports, because unless there were a little nip-slip or cat fight, there’s no news to report.

– First off we must apologize for missing national cleavage day.  It was on Friday and apparently no one informed me.  The SI swimsuit edition girls celebrated the greatest day of the year.  Also, Here are the top 25(?) (I think there’s more, but there were so many titties I lost track) celebrity cleavage moments.

– Brian Wilson, closer for the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants turned 29 this past month.  I hope my birthday party when I’m 29 looks exactly like his did.

– The New York Knicks lost game 1 in the Boston Garden after an injury, questionable foul call, and a silky smooth Ray Allen.  Everyone has been talking about a change of guard in both the NBA conferences, but the thing that the Celtics do so well is close out games.  The Knicks had the game on a silver platter, but the Celtics clawed their way back in, used a questionable foul call on Melo’ and took down game 1 in what was another tremendous NBA first round game.  Spike on the other hand, doesn’t agree that it was a good game.  He needs to give Kenny his hat back.

– The 76ers also lost game 1 to the Lebrons.  Lebron James set a record by arguing 78 different calls in one game.  Dwayne Wade should have fouled out mid way through the fourth quarter.  The Sixers had 8 rebounds in the 2nd-4th quarters.  *None of those facts are accurate.  Above all I am just incredibly salty they lost.

More playoff stuff, some hot girls blah blah blah you know, all the cool stuff we do on the DD after the jump.
– Flyers: Chris Pronger is iffy again for tonight.  Bouche gets the stat, but would you rather have a lil Bob?
– Sixers: Iggy is playing, but clearly hurt.  Can we hold a lead against the Heat?
– Phillies: Joe Blanton is starting.  Enough said.

It’s the Philadelphia Three-Pack today and I don’t think weather will ruin it again.  Hopefully they all can pull off victories since that would be cool.  But anyway here’s my pump up music for the night.  Let’s Go Philly.

Here are a bunch of hot weather forecasters.  Except for the one from Juhannuspaiva.  But I guess if your living there your life is already pretty miserable and you don’t care much about the weather.

– The New York Mets are an absolute joke.  Their pitchers have allowed more runs, earned runs, hits, and walks than any other MLB team.  Who’s the real joke though? Terry Collins.  On April 14th he claimed the Mets had been in nearly every game and were a “couple of swings and pitches” from being 9-2 despite their record standing at 4-7.  He then went on to say the Mets need to win 9 of their next 11 games.  Completely random? Yup.  Since then they have gone 1-4.  Go Mets!

– The MLS (Major League Soccer, yes we have that here in America) has a new franchise in Portland.  Their team name is the Timbers.  Their mascot?  Timber Joey.  Whenever the Timbers score a goal Joey goes to work cutting off a piece of wood from a giant log.  Nothing gets me fired up more than seeing an overweight man slice some wood!  Despite the stupidy of this mascot, the Portland fans were pretty insane in their home opener.  The MLS is enjoying success despite only 29 people in America caring about soccer.  Anyway here’s a video of Joey slicing wood.  Exciting.  I’m fired up. LET’S GO!

– If sawing wood ain’t your thing, this video will fire you up and give you goosebumps, unless you’re not American.  Jim Cornelison sings the National anthem for different Chicago sporting events.  He sang it last night before the Hawks blew up, but here’s his anthem from Bears playoff game which in my opinion is the best ever (Sorry Whitney).  Take it away Jimmy.

– Going to the Phillies game tonight so I don’t have time to write much else.  Here’s a good video.

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