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Entire NBA Playoff Predictions

Who Will Hold the Championship in the end?

boston celtics


I’m just giving my picks here and will give in depth round by round predictions in other posts.

East 1st Round

1.Bulls defeat 8.Pacers in 4

2.Heat defeat 7.Sixers in 5

3.Celtics defeat 6.Knicks in 7

4.Magic defeat 5.Hawks in 7

West 1st Round

1.Spurs defeat 8.Grizzles in 6

2.Lakers defeat 7.Hornets in 5

3.Mavs defeat 6.Blazers in 7

4.Thunder defeat 5.Nuggest in 6

East 2nd Round

1.Bulls defeat 4.Magic in 6

2.Heat defeat 3.Celtics in 6

West 2nd Round

4.Thunder defeat 1.Spurs in 6

2.Lakers defeat 3.Mavs in 6

Eastern Conference Finals

2. Heat defeat 1. Bulls in 6

Western Conference Finals

4.Thunder defeat 2.Lakers in 7

NBA Finals

2.Heat defeat 4.Thunder in 7

Finals MVP: Lebron James

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