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Playoff Basketball is Back in The Garden. Knicks vs. Celtics Game 3

The Celtics are gonna get it tonight.

To quote quirky world series champion Brian Wilson- “I hope you guys are going ballistic right now!” Get ready New York. Knicks playoff basketball has returned to The Garden (and no not that shitty TD Bank Garden or whatever it’s called).  God I am amped up, and I’m not even gonna be there- in body at least.  Yes, as daftpuck put it, the Knicks and Rangers have squandered several opportunities to win big games. While the Rangers may have taken one too many blows to the head, the Knicks are in a position to fight back tonight. So many things had to go wrong for the Knicks to lose in the first two games- and they did. Well, tonight the greatest arena in sports outside of the Roman Coliseum is set to come alive.

Keys to the game:

1: Melo

If Carmelo can play like he did in game 2 the Knicks WILL win this game. Instead of chucking ridiculous junk at the basket like in game 1, Melo drove to the hoop and got to the line to get his shot going. When the Celtics started to throw double teams at him he dished to open teammates (I can’t comprehend why he didn’t do this more in game 1 when he had one of the best finishers in the game in Amare Stoudimire to dish to). Now he has…. um… Well anyway, Melo did figure out that if your cold you need to get to the free throw line to get yourself going. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget.

2: Toney Douglas and Bill Walker

Douglas and Walker were a combined 5-27 from the field in game 2.  Yes, that’s an abysmal 18.5 percent.  This cannot and will not happen in game 3 at The Garden. These guys need to be the 2nd and 3rd scoring options for the Knicks to win. In game 2, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon rondo had 30 points and killed the knicks in transition. Douglas must neutralize Rondo tonight.

3-Madison Square Garden

“I hope you guys are going ballistic right now” because you need to be. Fans must act like Roger Murtough from Lethal Weapon: Will the Knicks to make that extra rotation on defense.  Will the Knicks to step-up and take that charge. Will the Knicks to shut down the aging Celtics. Let them know that you are proud of their efforts, but there are no moral victories in the playoffs.  We have learned over the past decade that these nights cannot be taken for granted. Let your team know how great it feels to have playoff basketball back in the world’s greatest city.

Boston is overrated. Paul Pierce is not who he used to be. They are soft without Kendrick Perkins. Rondo cannot hit a shot for his life and will be shut down tonight. LET’S GO NEW YORK. BUCK FOSTON.

P.S. Supermodels at The Garden get me so pumped for playoff basketball

3 responses to “Playoff Basketball is Back in The Garden. Knicks vs. Celtics Game 3

  1. gomattg April 22, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    I think I might rock my throwback Starbury jersey tonight

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