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Not Such a Good Friday

I don’t know why Bob didn’t come in either buddy

All day long I was waiting for this game. Daft Puck and I were talking about it all morning over a couple games of NHL 11. He was convinced the Fly Guys were going to pull up lame facing Ryan Miller. I of course offered the opposing opinion in that we were going to put up a touchdown on Miller. So after a very uneventful round of Disc Golf, me and a few buddies decided to head to Triumph Brewery and Pub in New Hope PA to watch the game. No seats at the Bar so we took a table away from the TV’s. While we ate our food, I was thoroughly distracted by the conversation between friends on how we are going to get to Phish’s 4th of July Festival in Watkins Glen and had admittedly forgot that the game was on (poor fandom in every sense). After realizing my mistake I went to the Bar to check the score. 3-0! What the hell happened?!?! Then after watching the low lights in the intermission report it was made clear to me. God was clearly mad at Brian Boucher for eating that cheeseburger at lunch (Its Good Friday Brian! JESUS DIED FOR YOU!) And thus punished him by allowing two of the weakest goals I have ever seen. A third goal in the first and that was the end of Bouche. Well at least we have Bobrovsky coming in to clean up this mess right? Oh shit that’s right we have Michael “sloth man” Leighton as the backup (“bartender I’ll take 4 beers please”). To make matters worse I was sitting next to the only two Sabres fans outside of Buffalo’s city limits. While I wouldn’t exactly say they were running their mouths, they were making it known about how excited they were. After self medicating with a few delicious brews at intermission, I made the decision that since a badass funk band was playing, I would stay and finish watching the game. This was the playoffs so nothing is impossible (or is it “anything is possible!”…….ill have to ask KG). Then it started to happen. Comeback.

On knees, mouth open….you connect the dots

JVR sneaks one around Ryan Miller to crack the ice. Andrej Meszaros decides he is going to send one to Slap City and buries one from close to the blue line. Hope is restored and the Flyer Fans are now taunting the suddenly quiet Sabres scum next to me. Third period starts with more good play from the Orange & Black; Kris Versteeg kept a play alive and sent one to Richards who in turn saucer passed it over to Danny Briere who buried it to tie the game. The entire bar is going nuts now and the victory is almost imminent. While there were several good scoring chances to close out the game for the Flyers, Miller was just too much. The game then entered overtime and I was officially nervous. As Daft clearly laid out, OT is a tantalizing situation. Joy and sorrow are so close that it almost tears a hole in your stomach. Unfortunately for the Philly Phaithful, sorrow won this battle. Slapper from the blue line deflects off Leighton leaving a rebound that Stephan Hawking could have finished and Tyler Ennis is now a playoff hero. Cue Sabres fans cheering wildly and taunting everyone within earshot. Total gut punch. Now many of us are familiar with Bill Simmons Levels of losing, and this one registered a solid 9. Questions remain though and given the history of this team (See Boston Bruins Series 2010) a comeback is never out of the question. So here is to Jesus waking up tomorrow and hopefully helping the Flyers discover how to score on the Power Play. Happy Easter

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