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Phillies Preview – April 23rd 2011


April 23rd 2011 – 8:35pm
Philadelphia Phillies (13-6) Joe Blanton (0-1, 7.27 ERA)
San Diego Padres (8-12) Tim Stauffer (0-1, 3.27 ERA)

Not too sure why someone photo shopped Joe Blanton holding a Swiffer wetjet, but it’s awesome. Tim Stauffer’s picture on the other hand is him smirking like he thinks he’s a tough guy. Not so awesome. Advantage: Phillies.

Know who is pretty damn good? The Phillies pitchers. Last night Cole Hamels extended the Phillies team shutout streak versus the Padres to thirty-one consecutive innings. While Cole was downright filthy pitching in his hometown, the Padres offense is an absolute joke.  They rank 29th (runs scored) 30th (Batting Average) and 30th (slugging percentage) in Major League Baseball. As bad as the Phillies offense has been lately, at least they don’t have the Padres starting lineup.

The Phillies send Country Joe to the hill tonight and ZOMG he actually didn’t suck in his last start.  He pumped out seven innings allowing only 2 runs against a strong Brewers lineup. Unfortunately the Phils offense didn’t get him a win, but regardless it was a huge step for Blanton.

Keys To The Game

  • Keep the pitching on cruise control. The fifth ace may not keep the scoreless streak going, but against this lineup Blanton has no excuses not to continue the impressive streak the Phillies pitchers are on.  With the bullpen still being used a decent amount over the past few days it would be big if Joe could pitch into the 7th inning.
  • Jimmy Rollins. He’s hitting third for the Phillies however he’s producing at the level of a 9-hole hitter. He’s 4-30 over the past eight games with a grand total of two runs and one RBI. This guy won a MVP in 2007 and started off the year on fire, but since then has been an absolute disaster. Stop swinging at the first goddamn pitch and popping up and/or grounding out every time you hit, thank you JRoll.
  • Raul Ibanez.  Or really the corpse of Raul Ibanez, he may be dead.  Hitting under .200, flailing at the ball missing by about a foot, hate to say it but Raul’s days may be numbered. Platooning with John Mayberry Jr. may be the best option right now because sadly it’s hard to watch Raul swing a bat right now.
  • Drink it in.

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