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Flyers-Sabres Game 6 Notes

Game 5 was one of the most emotionally draining sporting events I have ever seen in person. I watched Brian Boucher let up two of the worst goals I have ever seen (that includes Chicago’s Cup clincher on Michael Leighton). I then watched the Flyers say enough is enough and absolutely dominate the hockey game, coming back from down 3 goals to send it to overtime…and then lose.

The notes for Game 6 are simple. No over analysis needed.  No comments on goaltending or Chris Pronger. The Flyers are a better hockey team and have shown it most of this series but have somehow found enough ways to put themselves in a 3-2 series hole. No need for pictures, videos, or funny jokes. It’s all business on Easter Sunday for Philadelphia.

Game 6 Notes

Play desperate the entire game. It’s pretty obvious. Lose and go home. Win and send Game 7 back to Philadelphia. The Flyers didn’t start showing their desperation in Game 5 until they were truly desperate – down 3-0. This attitude needs to be evident from the first puck drop and remain obvious no matter what the score.

Capitalize on your opportunities. The Flyers’ failed powerplay with 2 minutes left in the third period of Game 5 was a perfect microcosm of this series. Say what you want about the Flyers goaltending, but failing to take advantage of opportunities to put the Sabres away is just as major an issue as letting in soft goals.  The team’s failures at the most crucial moments in these games is one of the biggest reasons the Flyers face elimination on Easter Sunday. True champions seize these huge moments. The Flyers must cash in on these opportunities starting with Game 6, or else golf season will start on Monday.

My prediction: Michael Leighton starts (this is not yet confirmed), plays well, and the Flyers blow out the Sabres 6-2 to send Game 7 back to Philly. LET’S GO FLYERS!

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