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Playoff Ruminations – 4/24/2011

It’s quite possibly one of the worst times to be in Atlantic City. Both the Flyers and the 76ers are alive in the playoffs, and the Phillies are killing it, per usual. Their fans are everywhere. It’s gross. Here’s some playoff thoughts I’ve been having.

Keep It Goin’ Louder part deux

After I wrote that OT column on… yup 4/20 (productivity!), there has been five straight days of games being decided in overtime, plus the day before. That’s the most since there were 7 straight days in the 2001 playoffs (hey who won the Cup that year?). Today was just another typical day of overtime hockey. While I didn’t get to see the Flyers stun the Sabres at home, I was able to see the game played between the Blackhawks and Canucks. Luongo benched after back to back poor performances, only to come into the game after Cory Schneider got hurt on a penalty shot. It was like a movie, penned by Vince Vaughn. Loungo played great in his limited time, but eventually was outmatched by the tenacity of Chicago’s offense. In my opinion, that’s a bad move on coach Alain Vigneault (and yeah, I spelled that correctly without looking it up.) Your starter is your starter is your starter. It’s that simple. Patrick Roy and David Aebischer didn’t win the Cup together. Martin Broduer and Chris Terreri didn’t win the Cup. That’s not how it happens. The severity of Schneider’s injury will be what determines the next starter, but in my opinion the fate of the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup run has been sealed.

It's like the deep dish style of the kiss of death

The Madhouse

If there is one place I want to see a hockey game, it’s in Chicago. Some people don’t like the crowd, citing that song from the Amsterdam commercial as annoying. I love it. It’s like the vuvuzela. Some didn’t like it, some did. It made me fucking wet. I’m sad that I will probably never get to watch a game with that sound ever again. But, at the same time, it’s really cool to have seen that. It’s like this special thing any sports fan can talk about together. We all heard that noise. That’s how I feel about the games in Chicago. Whether that stupid song annoys you, or invokes chills, it’s just cool to see. They aren’t going to do it forever. Take it in. Enjoy it. Pray to God it doesn’t become a mainstay at the games (I’m looking at you, Fenway.) It’s all apart of the game. Without the crowd, it’d be like playing soccer in Italy. And no one wants to do that.

Flyers pride, Leighton’s funeral, and my apology to God, after the jump.

Philadelphia Freedom

Backs against the wall, the Flyers showed the kind of meddle the team has had all year, and why they have a reputation of being one of the more gutsy teams in hockey. They may be disguised as a high flying finesse team, but any Flyer fan knows that this team is just as strong in the corners and in front of the net as it is anywhere else on the ice. And Mike Richards, fucking A. He get’s a lot of shit from the Flyers Faithful, but I’d be hard pressed to find a more complete hockey player. Sure he gives out some sketchy hits, but such is life. He plays hard (team high 32 shifts tonight) and he knows when to step up (Primary assist on the game-tying and game-winning goal.) That’s the kind of thing you want out of your captain. That’s it for Buffalo I think. I like this team, they’ve got a lot of young talent. Tyler Myers is going to crush heads for years on that blue line. I want to have a bromance with Drew Stafford. And there is no reason Ryan Miller couldn’t be president (well, a Gold Medal would help.) But you just get the feeling that they had it right in their hands. Now, going back to Philly, with all the momentum in that building and in that locker room building up these past few days? Chris Pronger is back and while he may not be effective on the ice, he is the voice of that team. With the steady if not meticulous Brian Boucher confirmed for Game 7, I smell victory in Philadelphia. (5-2 Flyguys.)

So long, and thanks for all the shoes

I’d like to personally mourn Michael Leighton’s NHL career in this spot now. You left us early, but no one can say you didn’t live your life to the fullest. May you rest in peace (or Europe.)

No, really, Russia is awesome. I just came back for the onion rings.

Thanks and Praise

It’s Easter, a time for family and loved ones. For some, it is also time for God and religion. While I myself am not much of a religious guy, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your faith. I went to catholic school and had parents who took me to church, but sometime around the age of 15 I stopped believing in God. For years I’d like to say it was nothing personal, if anything it was a mutual split. That is, until tonight. Writing about the games tonight, and enjoying my third glass of Canadian whisky, I realize that I’ve been mad at God since I was 15, and it’s as petty a reason as they come. I recently talked about all the great hockey games I’ve been too, so we won’t go into great detail of all the cool things I’ve seen at Colorado Avalanche games. (OK really quick, my favorite: Avs at MSG, it’s 2005. Joe Sakic scored on a penalty shot. In that video you can hear someone scream “Yeah!” really loud. I’m not saying it was me, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I really couldn’t ask for more.) The one thing I never got to see: Patrick Roy. Sure I saw him on the bench a bunch of times, but it seemed like every time the Avs came to New York (either the Rangers or the Islanders,) I was stuck with the backup. And then, in 2003, he retired. I’d never get to see him play in person. I could have blamed a lot of people. Roy, for being selfish and leaving when he had a couple of years left in the tank. Any of the coaches, for not playing him in New York Fucking City. David Aebischer, for being a pretty good back up. But instead, I got mad at God. So I’d like to apologize, Big Guy. I’m not saying I’m on your side again, or that you even exist. I’m just saying sorry.

Let’s go Fish. Keep rolling.

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