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Phillies Preview – April 27th 2011


April 27th 2011 – 3:40pm
Philadelphia Phillies (15-8) Cole Hamels (2-1, 2.92 ERA)
Arizona Diamondbacks (10-12 ) Joe Saunders (0-2, 4.98 ERA)

I’m not going to write much, I’m beyond frustrated with what is going on with this team’s offense.  For the first time in about 2 weeks they actually showed a little life last night, so maybe/hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.  I really thought Big John was going to come through with the bases loaded late in the game, but of course he didn’t.  Is it too early to start freaking out?  Hell no it’s not.  I watch this team every damn night and it’s not fun watching them completely suck.  I got a couple of “it’s only April chill the fuck out” texts from various people, but being a huge fan there is always room for freaking out.  But it is only April so freak out level isn’t at an all time high.  I will say that when your 6-7-8 hitters (Raul, Chooch, Willy Fresh) are a combined 1 for their last fucking 63 I have a little reason to freak out.  End Rant.

Today’s pitching match up features two lefties.  Joe Saunders is mediocre (4.31 career ERA) however has pitched well against the Phils in his two starts (1-0, 2.57 ERA).  Cole Hamels has been filthy since his horrendous start against the Mets pitching 22 innings allowing only 2 earned runs in his last three starts.  The only current Diamondbacks player with any success versus Cole is Justin Upton who has four hits in nine at-bats against Hamels.  Cole did throw 126 pitches on Friday in his last start against the Padres.  Last time a Phillies pitcher threw that many pitches he got ripped his next start (Roy Halladay, 130 pitches).  However Cole is growing up.  He has a bad ass goatee going and has been pitching like a man lately.

Keys To The Game

  • Who has the best numbers against Joe Saunders on the Phillies?  You guessed it my man Raul Ibanez.  Raul is 8-23 with 2 homers off of Saunders.  Ibanez also has gone 25 straight at bats without a hit.  Something has to give.  Get a goddamn hit Raul that’s all.  And Raul gets the day off……I guess 0-25 trumps 8-23. O well. I tried.
  • Cole Train.  He’s not pitching in San Diego’s spacious Petco Park this time so keep the ball in the park.  The D’Backs have a lot of right-handed power something which has given Cole trouble and in this ballpark where the ball is flying out it’s important for Hamels to keep the ball down.
  • Score more runs than the Diamondbacks aka winning a baseball game.

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