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Show Ya Luv

Lou after hitting the GW three

As Dwayne Wade’s three pointer fell short at the buzzer the Wells Fargo center went ballistic.  You’d think the Sixers had just beaten the Heat to move on to the NBA Championship.  But no the Sixers had just won game 4, simply avoiding a sweep.  So tonight the Sixers take their talents to South Beach for the all important game five.

No one has given the Sixers a chance in this series, but they had a great opportunities to win both games 1 & 3.  Game one they were up 31-19 after the first quarter before completely imploding and then in game 3 were leading 75-73 through three quarters.  Game 2 they got absolutely waxed, but besides that the Sixers have stood up to the mighty Heat and could (I’m reaching, but it’s true) be up 3-1 if they were able to play a little defense and close out those two games.

Both these teams are winning in different ways.  The Heat’s big 3 have been on fire averaging 66 points per game while the rest of team combined just 26.5 PPG.  The Sixers on the other hands are using a balanced attack as they have been all season.  Holiday is the team leading scorer at just 15.3 PPG.  The Heat have Lebron (26.3PPG) Wade (21.3PPG) and Bosh (19.3) all ahead of Holiday.  But the reason the Heat should be concerned is their secondary scoring.  Mike Bibby looked like he missed 35 wide-open shots on Sunday and the bench contributed just 16 points.  But I guess when you’re getting nearly 70 points from 3 players you can afford a weak performance from the rest of the team.

So tonight’s game 5 will be interesting.  The Sixers have been doing the front running every game which then followed by a serious charge back into the game by the Heat.  Expect the Heat to come out fired up tonight.  They don’t want to play any more games than they have to and will definitely try to end this series tonight.

Keys for the Sixers

  • Shut down at least one of the big three.  Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are going to get theirs, but they have been going absolutely nuts in this series.  Igudola and Brand need to step up and at least attempt to shut down Lebron and Bosh.  If the big three score over 70 points tonight the Sixers are in trouble.
  • Andre Igudola/Evan Turner.  One of these guys needs to step up again on offense.  Igudola was actually somewhat decent in game 4 scoring 16 points, but Evan Turner was the real hero scoring 17 points off the bench and even getting into a little scuffle which resulted in a double technical.  One of these two need to have a solid game and take the scoring pressure of Holiday, Williams, and Brand.
  • No Pressure.  The were supposed to get swept.  Not a soul in the world picked the Sixers, so the pressure is off of them.  If the Heat lose this game and need to travel back to Philly for game six things could get funky.  But no pressure is on the Sixers, expect them to come out loose and hope they catch the Heat sleeping once again.  And who knows maybe something cool will happen again.

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