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The Daily Drive – April 28th 2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.  Like our birth certificates.  But once you find out their fake and that we really are all from Kazakhstan I’m not sure you’d read our blog anymore so maybe it’s not the best of ideas.

– The NHL playoffs are on to the 2nd round.  Flyers/Bruins & Capitals/Lightning in the East and Sharks/Red Wings & Canucks/Predators in the West.  We will have a write up for the quarters soon, but what a first round.  This chart (via cbc.ca) breaks down the playoff first round of the past 6 seasons.  four game 7’s and 14 OT games? solid.

2011 49 4 2 1 1 14 (2) 5.57 9 2 .490
2010 49 2 5 1 0 12 (1) 5.80 6 4 .458
2009 44 2 3 0 3 6 5.09 10 2 .545
2008 48 3 3 1 1 9 (1) 5.33 8 4 .583
2007 43 1 2 4 1 6 (3) 5.00 6 2 .558
2006 44 1 3 3 1 11 (4) 5.89 11 4 .477

How to read the chart:
GP — Games played, further broken down by the number that ended in Game 7, Game 6, etc.
OT (–) — Overtime games, with the number in brackets indicating the number with multiple overtime periods.
GPG — Goals per game.
SO — Shutouts.
U — Upsets, using the strict definition of lower seed knocking off higher seed.
H — Winning percentage of home teams

– South Park is awesome/very fucked up.  Season 15 started last night, if you didn’t watch, watch it here immediately.

– The crazy weather around the U.S. is continuing, here’s a video of Bryant-Denny stadium (where Alabama plays) nearly getting level by a monster of a tornado.

– Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell dropped some solid gay slurs when the Braves were playing in San Francisco and apparently some people aren’t too happy with that.  This video from TMZ has what McDowell said, as well as what he did with a baseball bat.  Around the 1:45 mark it gets pretty, pretty, funny.

– While calling making fun of a gay is not too nice, I’m a big Roger McDowell fan.  He is known for doing awesome pranks, especially back in 1986 when baseball players did lots of drugs, smoked cigarettes in the dugout and above all were just out of their minds.

Good looking woman alert after the jump

– Being a Phillies fan I obviously despise everything about the Yankees.  However, above is Marikym Hervieux.  She was on Entourage for an episode and is Russell Martin’s girlfriend and also Eric Gagne’s ex wife (kinda weird since they were teammates).  I don’t know what kind of name Marikym is, but regardless she’s nice looking.  Bleacher Report has a list of the top 50 hottest women in baseball.  Reason number 2,553 why I hate the Yankees? About 40 of them are associated with Yankee players.  We’ll take credit for Heidi Hamels though, thanks Cole.

– Some guy in Sweden used loud noises to scare a moose…Entertaining.

This guy has dedicated his life to making slingshots.  Jörg Sprave is just too perfect of a name to be anything but a slingshot creator.

– Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari got engaged.  I guess the key to getting hot girls is frowning 24/7, pouting around on the sidelines of an NFL field, throwing as many interceptions as humanly possible, pissing off an entire franchise because they thought you faked an injury in the playoffs, and above all just acting like a baby.
Here’s a picture of Kristin though because she ain’t bad looking.

Here’s 17 .gifs of Sofia Vergara.  Don’t know what gif is? Then congratulations you’re not a nerd.  I look at them as pictures that move, but aren’t movies…..Sounds about right.  Regardless they are cool.

– The NFL draft is tonight.  ESPN has had 13,030,503,205 straight hours of coverage since I guess they don’t care about the NBA/NHL/MLB.  This is very funny.

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