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The Royal Wedding!

I am just soooo excited about the Royal Wedding that I had to write about it as soon as possible.  Did you see Kate’s dress? Unbelievable. So traditional/elegant and she just looked stunning in it!  And Prince Charming (oops!) I mean William well wow he just looked dazzling in that red suit he was wearing.  Wait a minute I don’t have a va-jay-jay and do not care about some stupid goddamn wedding going on in another country.  Lets move on with our lives people (I should say women, or at least 99% women and 1% other).  There are more important things then watching two people you know absolutely nothing about get married.  Like the first round of the NFL draft of course!

Best Wedding Picture Ever

Breakdown of the Giants/Jets/Eagles/Dolphins (Yes I like the Dolphins so I’ll include them) first round picks after the jump.

15. Miami Dolphins – Mike Pouncey, Center/Guard, Florida
– If Mike is anything like his brother this will be a tremendous pick for the Dolphins.  He likely will play center, a position which the Dolphins have struggled at since 2003 when the great Tim Ruddy retired.  Pairing Pouncey with Jake Long and Veron Carey gives the Dolphins one of the best offensive lines in football.  While the Dolphins may have reached a bit for Pouncey it was one of their biggest needs.  I was a bit surprised they didn’t trade down being that they don’t have another pick until 79th, but hopefully Mike will be on the same level as Maurkice and will anchor the Dolphins line for many years.

19. New York Giants – Prince Amukamara, Cornerback, Nebraska
– Wait.  Is the lady in yellow holding a sword?  Who are those random white people phot0-bombing??? A lot of questions from the picture, but not a lot of questions about this pick.  While nearly everyone thought the Giants would take an offensive lineman in the first round it was hard to pass on the Prince, who fell much lower than anyone expected.   Had Nate Solder not been taken two picks ahead of Prince the Giants decision would have been much more difficult.  He’ll join a secondary that was ranked 9th against the pass last season.  Expect Prince to jump right into the starting rotation and with Webster, Ross, and Thomas.  This pick gives the Giants incredible depth at the corner position.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Danny Watkins, Offensive Guard, Baylor
– Amazingly the Eagles didn’t trade their first round pick, but they still managed to draw a bunch of WTF’s from their fans by taking Danny Watkins.  The Eagles were praying to little baby Jesus that Amukamara would fall to them, but after the G-Men snatched him up plan B. was a 26 year old Canadian firefighter.  Andy Reid has said the offensive line has not had any sort of attitude since Jon Runyan retired and he hopes Watkins can bring some tenacity back to the Eagles line.  In the short term this pick will help Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy, but being that he is about 4-5 years older than the average rookie the pick is somewhat questionable.

30. New York Jets – Muhammad Wilkerson, Defensive Tackle, Temple
– I mean how do you pass up on player from such a dominant football school?  Temple is a national powerhouse capable of winning the National Championship each year, so it’s understandable that the Jets couldn’t pass on Muhammed.  For realsies though, Wilkerson is going to be an absolute monster.  The Jets are getting old on the defensive front and Sexy-Rexy loves to rotate his front seven.  He was expected to be picked much earlier, projecting to go to the Seahawks or even the Patriots, but the draft got very funky and many players fell deeper than expected.  At 6’4″ 315lbs. he’ll fit into the Trevor Pryce/Shaun Ellis DT/DE hybrid that the Jets used so successfully for the past couple seasons.

– To conclude the coverage of Day 1 of the 2011 Draft I leave you with the coolest thing I saw during the draft.  Check the guy’s twitter handle….Gotta catch these things NFL Network.  C’mon man. (via @jimmytraina & @richeisen)

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