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Playoff Ruminations 5/2/2011

Been gone so long I almost forgot how to post on this damn thing. As always, things I’ve been thinking about during the playoffs…

Western Conference Semi’s Preview

Sorry that this isn’t given it’s own post. It should, but I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to to write about this week, and since these series have already started, I’d be wasting everyone’s time.

(2) San Jose vs. (3) Detroit

This is sort of like picking your favorite way to die. Either answer you give, you’re still fucked. For me I really thought that the veteran leadership of the Red Wings would be something that would carry them to the Conference Finals, but now it seems that maybe that well has finally been dried. San Jose is absolutely roaring right now. While they aren’t scoring like crazy, they are firing on all cylinders. Niemi is making it uncomfortable for Chicago fans to drink alone. The defense is playing hard, and shutting down the opposition. Todd McLellan  is getting the most out of his forward units, and it seems like the series clinching overtime goal has finally gotten that monkey off of Joe Thortons back. San Jose in 5

(1) Vancouver vs (5) Nashville

This series is two games deep, and is quickly becoming my favorite of the second round. You’ve got two goalies who are playing out of their mind right now. Luongo seems to have exorcised the demons that haunted him in the Chicago series, while Pekka Rinne is just playing unreal hockey. Both teams defense are hard nosed and play an “in your face” style that is going to create problems for the offense. You can see how irritating the Nashville defensive corps have been for the Sedin twins (0 points in 2 games). So this is basically going to come down to which team’s goalie wants it more. While I love Rinne, and really do not want the Sharks, Red Wings, or Canucks in the Finals, I don’t think he has what it takes to get by a Gold Medal winner. But I do hope I’m wrong. Vancouver in 7

Flyers troubles, Tim Thomas vs. Pekka Rinne, and more thoughts, after the jump.This is why you pay for goaltending.

The Flyers are only down 0-1 to the Bruins in their Semifinals series, but it’s over for the Flyguys. How anyone can play in front of those goalies and have any sort of confidence that they are going to stop the puck is beyond me. How is this team supposed to believe in it’s own abilities if coach is rotating goalies like a guy juggling between porno videos to get the right mood going (not that I would know anything about that). This Philadelphia team is a great team, they’ve been gritty and explosive, just a lot of fun to watch all season. Now however, with their goalies becoming softer than Captain Dan after night of Yuenlings and Goldschlager, it’s downright painful to watch. Maybe I’m overreacting; after all, it’s only been one game. But having seen everything we know about the Boston offense (down right scary when it’s clicking) and the guy they have in net (just a Vezina winner, no big deal) it’s hard to believe that the Flyers will be able to sustain any kind of hold on this Bruins team. Oh quick stat for you, in the second round 3 teams have yet to won a game. The Red Wings, the Caps and the Flyers. What do they all have in common? When combined, both back up and starter are making under 3 million dollars. The Bruins, Canucks, Bolts, Sharks and Preds (all winners of at least a game in this round) back up and starters are earning over 3 million when salaries are combined. So you’re saying if I spend more on my goaltending, odds are I’ll get more in return? I don’t know, that sounds kind of crazy.

Tim Thomas vs. Pekka Rinne

By no means would I like to see the Bruins win the Cup, but I would really enjoy seeing Pekka Rinne take on Tim Thomas in a best of 7 series. Great goaltending, like a girl in a thong or the guitar riff from the Beatles “Octopus’s Garden”, makes me wet. Here are my favorite saves so far of the playoffs.

Rinne –

Thomas –

Osama Bin Laden has farty pants

No bashing or hate filled speeches here, and no celebrating the death of anyone. Instead, let’s take this time to silently thank anyone who lays their life on the line for this country, whether it be serviceman/woman, police officer, or fireman (I’ve never seen a woman fight fire.) It’s days like this I’m ::checks for Lee Greenwood, wipes sweat off brow:: proud to be an American. Not because we’re better than anyone, but because the whole country seems unified. Today, we’re all brothers and sisters. At least until the puck drops at 7:35 tonight, or the first pitch is thrown. Until then you are my family, after that you’re a bunch of queeahs and yo sista is whoah. TAWWWMMY GET DAWN HEERE, WE GAWTA WATCH THE SAWX WHIP UP ON THESE WOP YANKEES. I’LL CALL UP SOAP BOX MAWTY AND SULLY AND CHEESEWIZ AND DARK MAWTY. LETS GO BRUINS!!

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