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Phillies Preview – May 3rd 2011


May 3rd 2011 – 7:05pm
Washington Nationals (14-14) Livan Hernadez (3-2, 3.23 ERA)
Philadelphia Phillies (18-9) Cole Hamels (3-1, 3.13 ERA)

Fat guy versus skinny guy tonight in Philadelphia, but that is obviously not the main story for tonight’s game. Sunday night was insane. Phillies fans have always been labeled “asshole fans” and I’ll admit there are a whole lot of people who go to Phillies games that deserve that title. But the USA chants were impressive. I won’t go into further detail since we’ve already talked about it and you’ve all seen the videos, but still it was a special moment in Sports/American history.

Another reason tonight’s game is meaningful is the return of Jayson Werth to Philadelphia. At the beginning of the season I wrote an article on the players you need to hate to be a Phillies fan. J-Dub landed number 1 on that list. He’ll hear a million boo’s tonight and it will look very strange seeing him in Bank wearing a Nats uniform. It’s unfortunate it all went down this way because he was a huge factor in the Phillies 08/09 World Series runs and was loved by all of Philadelphia. Jayson may hear some cheers, but following a tough, 14 inning loss to the Mets and the Fly-guys losing last night, expect the Phillies fans to not show Jayson much love.

Keys to the Game

  • Left Field. Who the hell knows what Charlie is going to do. He said recently that Raul’s age ain’t nothing but a number, but his batting average is almost as low as his age. Big John had a big home  run on Saturday’s game and then Raul went 0-4 Sunday night. Due to Raul’s huge contract it’s difficult to justify sitting him, but come on man get a goddamn hit it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Cole Train. 29 innings 5 earned runs his last five starts. Clifford and Leroy have been getting all the press, but Cole has been down right dominant sans a shaky start versus the Mets. Expect his success to continue against the weak hitting Nats who Hamels has had success against.
  • Forget about the debacle on Sunday. one run. 7 hits. 14 innings. That’s not too good. And they still almost beat the Mets. Anyway they need to get back on track tonight against Livan who for some reason gives the Phillies all sorts of issues with that tough 86 MPH fastball.

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