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Phillies Preview – May 4th 2011


May 4th – 7:05pm
Washington Nationals (14-15) Jason Marquis (3-0, 2.62 ERA)
Philadelphia Phillies (19-9) Vance Worley (1-0, 0.00 ERA)

I’m gonna keep this short because (A.) Raul Ibanez got 2 hits last night and I think that caused me to have a heart attack and (B.) That picture of Jason Marquis makes me chuckle.

Keys to the Game

  • Get to Marquis. He is coming off a complete game shutout of the San Francisco Giants which amazes me since he’s not a great pitcher. However he dominates the Phillies. The current roster is hitting a combined .209 versus Marquis. Ryan Howard is the only one with solid numbers as he’s hitting .368 (7-19) against him.
  • Vancelot. 5th ace? Not exactly, but Worley was impressive in his season debut. I’ve always liked him and hope he can continue to succeed.
  • Raul! He’s finally gotten a hit so it’s time to party. He’ll probably go 0-4 now that I’m writing this, but I think he’s going to have a big night again tonight.

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