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Phillies Preview – May 5th 2011


May 5th 2011 – 7:05 pm
Washington Nationals (14-16) John Lannan (shown above throwing a beach ball) (2-3, 3.78 ERA)
Philadelphia Phillies (20-9) Roy Halladay (shown above being a man) (4-1, 2.14 ERA)

I was just going to put another picture of a broom and say sweep these bitches, but it didn’t work against the Mets and I’m a bit superstitious so we’ll try something different. I’ll start by saying RA RA RAUUULLLL. About goddamn time he hit a homer (first since April 7th) as well as collecting three hits in an easy 7-4 (should be 7-1 but the Dannys Baez project hit a bump in the road in the 9th) victory over the hopeless Washington Nationals last night.

Another impressive outing from Vance Worley (6 innings, 1 run, 0 walks, 7 strike outs) as well as Michael Stutes who pitched a scoreless 8th inning striking out Jayson Werth on a pumped 3-2 fastball. While Worley will most likely be spent back down to AAA at some point it’s good to see the Phillies have some sort of security blanket if there are any injuries down the road. Both him and Stutes have been dirty since being called up to the big boy club.

Keys To The Game

  • John Lannan Sucks. I looked up some stats because (A.) I’m a loser and (B.) I like knowing if my team is going to win. In Lannan’s career he has started four games at Citizens Bank Park, is 0-3 with a 6.05 ERA and a 1.86 WHIP. Ready for crazy in-depth statistics???? Lannan has made multiple starts in 16 different MLB stadiums. His starts at the bank have resulted in the highest WHIP/2nd highest ERA out of any of those 16 stadiums. Pretty much what I’m getting at here is that he doesn’t like pitching in Philadelphia.
  • Roy Halladay Doesn’t Suck. Last time he faced John Lannan was in Washington on April 13th. He threw 123 pitches completing a 3-2 victory over the Nats. His numbers at CBP? 21 starts. 13-6. 2.32 ERA. A little better than John Lannan.
  • Sweeps. Didn’t do it against the Mets, let’s get it done against the Nationals. I said in the preview before the Diamondbacks series the worst they should do in this nine game stretch is 7-2. I shot a little high, but a win tomorrow finishes it at 6-3 and makes the Phillies 21-9 through 30 games, not too shabby.

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