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The Daily Drive – 5/5/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Like usted limitado knowledge of espanol!

Quick drive today, just covering the basics.

That’s U of Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido, and his profound respect for the English language. (via)

-The Flyers find themselves in the same position they were in last years East Finals, needing to win four straight to advance. However this is a different Bruins team than last year. As usual, a goalie change is in works for Game 4.

– A devastating loss for the Fish today, and a win by the Phillies tonight will put them 2 ahead of Florida. Phillie Ace-A hopes to mow down the Nat’s tonight for the series win.

-Another lackluster game for the Bronx Bombers today. Losing 3 out of 4 to the previously slumping Tigers is no good. And neither is Euardo Nunez, filling in for Derek Jeter today. I can already hear the Yankee fan’s now. “See this is what happens when you bench Derek Jeter. Where’s my pastrami sub. Ay, I’m walking here.”

Arianny Celeste, Alexa Flutie, and NFL Cheerleaders (I’m lazy today, it is Cinco De Mayo after all) after the jump.

-That’s Arianny Celeste, aUFC ring girl (which means her boyfriend could kick your ass).

-The Cincinnati Red’s new farm team is holding a contest to determine it’s new name. One of the choices: The Mullets. Go forth my children, and vote.

Now that's just bad posture.

-That’s Alexa Flutie (yup, that famous dudes daughter) and this is a gallery full of pictures of her and other NFL cheerleaders (and hopefuls). Will this help solve the NFL labor stoppage? There isn’t enough evidence that says it won’t.

-Predators vs. the ‘Nucks tonight, 8:30 in Nashville. I got the Pred’s tying it up, 2-1, OT again, Holischuk the winner. (If he scores I’ll figure out how to spell his name properly.)

-That’s it for me guys, Feliz Cinco De Mayo. I won’t celebrate with a Mexican beer or shot of tequila. I will drink, just domestic. THESE COLORS DON’T RUN! USA! USA! ::shoots off fireworks, punches endangered animal in the face:: Anyways, I took a nap today. That’s pretty Mexican.

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