90 on 95

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On the Brink

Now Starting in goal for your Philadelphia Flyers......

Well here we are again sports fans, down 0-3 to the Boston Bruins.  I’d like to say that last years run to come all the way back instilled confidence in the me and the team that they could do it again.  But in reality all last year gave me was an ulcer.  Between watching the Phillies struggle to score runs and the Flyers constantly “having to go to the well” (Lavs said it, so I write it) definitely gave me some gray hairs and acid indigestion.  Our goaltending situation is an absolute joke, and if I have to read one more story about how courageous Brian Boucher is after being pulled and then being reinserted into the starting lineup I’m going to puke.  I would be more comfortable with 70 year old Bernie Parent out there with his one goddamn eye.  We don’t have the heart and soul of our team playing (Pronger), and we looked so flat in game three that I couldn’t bear to watch the third period.  So we are one step away from becoming a baseball only town for the rest of the summer which is very discouraging considering the high hopes myself and the rest of the Phans had in store for them.  Last years run through the playoffs was about as magical as you can get, given the fact that Michael Leighton seemingly came back to earth faster than Apollo 13.  I could have almost envisioned the Stanley Cup coming down Broad Street on a float with Phish playing a celebratory concert at the site of the old spectrum (yes I fantasize about things like this daily).  Twas not to be though, we were left looking at the Douche Patrol that is the Chicago Blackhawks celebrate on our home ice.  While we are not without hope, we are running low.  I will not be watching the game tonight.  I honestly cannot bear too.  I will be attending the Dark Star Orchestra at the Electric Factory to help take my mind off it.  So if you see a tall drunken asshole yelling obscenities about goal tending; that will be me.  Come up and say hi and we will talk about how the “New” fake Jerry, isn’t as good as the “Old” fake Jerry.

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