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The Daily Drive 5/6/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Like our list of Top Ten Things You Can Do While The Playstation Network Is Down. Only 3 have to do with masturbation!

-Big game tonight for the Flyers as they try to stave off elimination and win at least one against the Bruins. With nothing to lose, look for the Flyers to play a bit loose. (PHI 3, BOS 2, OT HARTNELL)

-The Phillies offense awoke last night as Philadelphia beat the Nationals 7-3Phillie Ace-B takes on the Braves tonight at the Bank.

– Pinstriped Bible takes a look at the Yankee’s upcoming series against the Texas Rangers. Injury prone Eric Chavez is out maybe a month with a broken foot.

-At the 2011 NFL Fantasy Draft (because they aren’t really playing football, are they?) the Miami Dolphins passed over quarterback Ryan Mallet, who fell to the New England Patrios. The Dolphins better watch their back though, because Mallet’s father is bat shit crazy. Which is incidentally, my favorite kind of crazy.

Kelly Brook, weekend preview, and a snowmobile fail, after the jump.

Doesn't she know the seatbelt light is on!

-That’s Kate Upton, whose a pretty good model and is on Twitter, where she apparently posts shit like this all the time. Just one reason to get on Twitter. Here are two more. (Via)

-WEEKEND PREVIEW! Red Wings vs. Sharks, tonight! Detroit looks to salvage a game at home. San Jose is on a tear. (SJ 4, DET 2) Chelsea vs. Manchester United (winner will probably be league champion), Sunday! This is kind of like the USSR/USA 1980 game. Even if Chelsea wins they still have to win other games. USA! USA! (CHE 2, MAN U. 1) Zombie Sonics vs. Memphis, Saturday!  Durant makes me care about basektball.(ZS 88, MEM 83) Lakers vs. Mavs, tonight! (LA 97, DAL 91) Fish sweep Nationals. Braves sweep Phillies.

-Look for Lamar Odom to start for the Lakers tonight in place of suspended Ron Artest. Oh Lamar, you married the wrong Kardashian, you poor bastard.

-If you don’t watch “Community” on NBC I probably don’t take you seriously, but you should check it out if only for Annie (Alison Brie). Convincing evidence at warmingglow.com.

-you should really watch this show.

-The NFL maybe locked out, but that doesn’t mean football players aren’t doing some dumb shit. Rashard Mendenhall who we mentioned earlier for the unflattering Osama bin Laden tweets has lost a sponsorship, while Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was found not guilty on pulling a gun on a neighbor. Stay classy, NFL.

-Finally, this dude goes all the way up this mountain on his snowmobile, and thankfully God has a sense of humor. (get’s good at about :50 in)

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