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Phillies Preview – May 10th 2011

May 10th 2011 – 7:10 pm
Philadelphia Phillies (23-11) Roy Halladay (5-1, 2.19 ERA)
Florida Marlins (20-14) Josh Johnson (3-1, 1.68 ERA)

No stupid pictures. This is a serious one tonight. Very rarely, if ever can you say Roy Halladay is the second best starting pitcher in a game. However, at this point of the season Josh Johnson may (am I’m really going to say this?) be better than Roy Halladay.

Ok I had a minor heart attack after writing that someone could possibly be better than Roy Halladay, but I made it through it. Josh Johnson has been absolutely absurd this year, but so has Doc. He’s 5-1 in seven starts this season and besides his six run blow up against the Brewers hasn’t allowed more than two earned runs in any of his starts. Johnson is coming off his worst start of the season allowing five runs against the Cardinals, but in his other six starts he too hasn’t allowed more than two earned runs. So yeah, this game is going to be good. Joe Blanton versus Javier Vazquez? Yup, this is a bit better of a pitching matchup.

Offensively the Phillies kind of came alive last night. Besides the black hole that is the 7/8 hole hitters, everyone in the starting lineup had a hit. J-Roll led off the game with a homer and the Phillies actually weren’t terrible when it came to situational hitting. Mix in an impressive three innings from Vance Worley out of the pen and all in all yesterday was a solid win. Joe Blanton was a bit rusty, but managed to limit the damage over five innings.

Tonight is going to be a fun game to watch. Halladay and Johnson are both amped up and realize how meaningful of a game this is to both teams. The Phillies amazingly are in first place right now. No Chase, no Chooch, no closer number 1, and no closer number 2 yet they have the best record in baseball at 23-11. The Fish know winning tonight’s duel is crucial with Cliff going tomorrow and the Phillies know winning against Johnson will seriously dampen a young Marlins team. There may only be about 5,000 fans at Sun Life Stadium or whatever it is called, but you’d be an idiot to miss this pitching matchup.


  • No keys to the game because well I don’t know what the key is besides attempting to hit the ball. However, Roy Halladay is one of the best pithcers to ever play the game. Josh Johnson is elite, but unproven. I think Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins (Both have solid career numbers vs. JJ) are going to have big games and the Phillies are going to win 4-1 with Roy Halladay getting his third complete game of the season. Boom.

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