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Jeter Getting the Bat Back on Track?

Jeter has channeled his younger self, albeit only for the last two games.

The Yankees wrapped up a 16 games in 16 days stretch in a big way on Sunday.  Yankees’ Captain Derek Jeter finally got some wood on the ball going 4-6 with 2 home runs and 3 RBIs in a 12-5 win in Texas.  This was about the only bright spot in the last two-plus weeks for the Yankees.  They finished the 16 game stretch at 9-7.  Low-lights included splitting a very winnable series at home against the White Sox, and dropping three out of four to the Tigers, who coming into the series were on a six-game losing streak.  The Yanks tacked one more onto that streak before dropping three straight themselves.  Let’s break down a few positives and negatives.


Derek Jeter: 

Going into the final series of the stretch, Jeter’s batting average was an abysmal (for someone making $15 million a year) .250.  Between Sunday in Texas and yesterday at home against Kansas City (the start of another 16 games in 16 days stretch), Jeter bumped his average up to .283.  His slugging rose nearly 100 points in the last four games going from .268 to .354 as well.  Encouraging stuff from the most scrutinized man in baseball.

Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon:

Garcia is just 2-2, but he is rocking a 2.61 ERA.  He has allowed 9 earned runs in 5 starts, however 7 came in just two games.  While he is not a permanent solution, it is great to be picking up wins with a fourth starter who wouldn’t even make other contender’s rosters.  Barring his last start against Texas, Colon has done nicely after being thrown into the fifth spot due to an unknown injury to Phil Hughes.  You can’t expect much from a guy whose been out of baseball for a year, and is well past his prime.



A-Rod is struggling to say the least.  He is batting .206 so far in the month of May, and he is slugging just .250.  It is truly amazing that sports writers have basically considered Jeter’s career to be over, while Alex has struggled just as badly has received very little criticism.  Expect this to change if Jeter keeps trending upward and Rodriguez goes the opposite way.

Team Batting Average:

The Yankees are batting just .252.  Right in the middle of the MLB pack.  With a 200 million dollar roster with very little high-end pitching, the lineup needs to produce at a higher level.  The Tampa Bay Rays are only 1 game back after an awful start to the season, and the Red Sox are not too far behind either.  Robinson Cano is leading the team with a .289 average.  The only saving grace is they are still third in the league in on-base percentage at .338.

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