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Leaving Ducks on the Pond

MMMHMMM i love me a first pitch fastball....

Well last night was pretty much the result everyone expected out of the premier pitching match up of this young baseball Season.  It just didn’t go according to plan.  The Phillies made Josh Johnson sweat quite a bit in the second and third innings by loading the bases.  Unfortunately they didn’t get any runs out of it.  Two errors, one being mental, by two of the most solid defenders on the team led to a Phillies loss in south Florida last night.

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-Ryan Howard

This guy is earning his paycheck this year.  He’s tied for the lead in RBI’s and he smoked a 95mph Josh Johnson heater the opposite way for his 8th homer of the year

-Roy Halladay

Roy was his dominant self again last night.  With a little help from the fielders, he probably gets out of there with a no decision at worst.

-Raul Ibanez

Raul seems to be finding his stroke.  He has raised his average about 60 points in just a week or so and ripped a double off the wall last night on the first pitch after Ryno’s ding dong.

Low Lights

-Jimmy Rollins

J-Roll is truly one of my favorite players of all time, but in the same regard, he is quite possibly the most frustrating hitter to watch in history.  His specialty, swinging at the first pitch and grounding out to second base, makes me madder than Osama at a freedom rally.

-Phillies Broadcast

They opened with Tom McCarthy (who genuinely seems like a really nice guy) screaming like a ring announcer pretending it was a heavyweight boxing match.  Look guys, the less I have to hear T-Mac talk the better.  Im not trying to compare anyone to Harry Kalas, but what he did so well was he actually let you hear the sounds of the game, whereas T-Mac and Wheels never shut the hell up.  And please turn down his mic, im going deaf.

2 of the more attractive marlins fans

-South Florida Baseball Fans

Best Pitching match up of the year and they drew maximum ten thousand people.  I know it’s hot in Florida but c’mon!  We’re talking about a guy who the last time he pitched there, threw a perfect game.  And his opponent?  Johnson has taken a no-hitter in the 7th three times this year.  Get off Lebron and D-Wade’s johnson, and go support your team.

Cliff Lee on the bump tonight against Ricky Nolasco for the rubber game…oh yeah and Chase Utley started his rehab, which makes my nipples hard.

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