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The Daily Drive – 5/12/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Like that we are using this blog to announce that we are throwing are hat into the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate race!

-Starting things off with Game 7 tonight, Red Wings vs. Sharks in San Jose. I love me some Game 7, and with the Sharks recent implosion, look to the Red Wings veterans to stand strong tonight. That Pavel Datsyuk guy is pretty good at hockey, also. (SJ 4, DET 3, 2OT)

-Phillies rallied last night, took the series against the Fish, Chase is on his way back, blah blah blah.

-Today in “Europeans aren’t to be trusted” news: A religious fanatic tackled the manager, Neil Lennon, of Celtic F.C. during a game Wednesday night. Video on post.

Couple of video’s today, so let’s start things off with this mascot getting put in his place. I feel for him though, I always get awkward around those kind of girls too. What, I meant athletes.(via)

Bar Rafaeli, Playoff Beards, and Bartolo Colon’s doctor, after the jump.

-Bar Rafaeli recently broke up with her boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio. I heard it’s cause he likes to jerk off while reading his tax return. Celebrities are crazy people. That’s why you gotta stick with me baby.

-The best beards of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, in convenient list form.

-Bartolo Colon’s doctor is adamant that he did not inject the pitcher with HGH while recovering from elbow surgery. Still no word on who injected him with all that cholesterol. The Yankees face the Royals tonight in a rubber match.

-Mark Stale of the New York Post believes that the Yankees are using Mariano Rivera at a higher rate than normal.

-Tonight is the season finale (part deux) of one of my favorite shows, Community. Here’s a little best of one of my favorite characters, Troy. (See, I love black people!)

-That’s Geri Halliwell, AKA Ginger Spice, who just goes to show that even at…. if you just… that with a little bit of…. I don’t really have a direction with that, she’s old and looks fantastic. Great tits will do that! (via)

-Finally, this is a video of a women crying while eating a hamburger. USA! USA! USA! EDIT: I can’t get the video to embed correctly, because I was too busy getting laid in college to learn how to type java. BOOM! NERD ROASTED LATTE! So click on the link, it’s worth it.

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