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Diary – Lightning vs. Bruins

In lieu of a preview, I’m going to post a running diary of Game 1 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins. Because you are all dying to know my thoughts.

7:56 pm – Drink of the night? Smuttynose “Old Brown Dog Ale” (Send me free beer!). Verdict: Disappointingly good.

7:59 pm – Oh yeah, series prediction: Tampa in 6.

8:00 pm – I love how Kiefer Sutherland introduces the games. I just wish he would add, “They’ve got Chloe. I’ll meet you at the HQ.”

8:02 pm – Eddie Olczyk always looks like he is trying to sell me a used car. I don’t wanna lease Eddie, I want to own.

8:08 pm – Didn’t there used to be two Stanley Cup holders? Is it just me? What happened to the second guy? I demand answers, Bettman!

8:11 pm – RIP Boogarad by the way. That sucks. Boston fans kept the classiness at about 67%. Let’s go Bolts.

8:15 pm – Is Dwayne Roloson the Canadian Steve Nash?

19:40 1st period – Pierre Maguire is why the mute button was created.

19:11 1st – Horton has a ripper. Going to have to be huge if Boston is to win this series.

18:00 1st – Maguire says Roloson and Thomas graduated from the school of hard knocks. I wonder if either was in Jay-Z’s class.

16:07 1st – End to end chances both foiled by defenseman blocking shots. Defense will be key for both teams.

13:05 1st – What a stop Thomas put on Lecalvier. Huge momentum save.

10:55 1st – The PSN network is slowly being restored, with a map of the US showing the restored states as it happens. I’m like a kid on Christmas tracking Santa. I’m going to lose it. I may not last this game.

10:07 1st – Martin St Louis will put the Lightning through. Calling it.

8:12 1st – Bergenheim scores to make it 1-0. I’m pretty sure I used to watch this guy play for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers back in the day. Was always a fan favorite.

8:10 1st – Meanwhile former Colorado Avalanche player Brett Clark sneaks one right past Thomas. He’s suddenly very human. Flyers fans are furious right now. 2-0 Lightning.

7:20 1st – PURCELL! 3-0 Lightning! Oh man, where is Tuuka?

6:26 1st – One of my friends whose a Bruin fan just texted me to “rot in hell and die” without a prompt text from me. They give up quickly in Boston.

4:01 1st – Tyler Seguin just undresses the defense, and scores in his first playoff game. Moves on top of moves. Kid is special. This is good, because this game was starting to get boring quick.

:30 1st – Another icing. Minus those 2 minutes of Tampa offense and Seguin’s deke, this period has been rather boring.

End of 1st – No intermission show for me, rather Beatles Rock Band on the Ps3. I’m thinking “Hey Bulldog”, “I saw her standing there” and “Drive My Car”.

20:00 2nd – I hope those Turkey Hill commercials don’t cloud your judgement. It is garbage Iced Tea. (Don’t send me any!)

18:31 2nd – David Paille takes a penalty, power play Tampa. I hear fireworks in the distance. The Playstation Network is close. I can feel it.

16:31 2nd – Fine series of saves from Thomas to keep the Bruins in it, and that leads to a penalty taken by Steve Downie leads to four on four hockey. Or as I like to call it, “how hockey should be played.”

16:30 2nd – For one second. I’m a jackass. Boston with a good chance here early in the second.

14:07 2nd – Roloson does his part during the penalty kill. This is going to be the better goaltending match-up in the Conference Finals. I think hope  Niemi will implode.

11:52 2nd – What a fantastic dive by Krejci. Eric Brewer in the  penalty box. One of the many boxes in Boston no one wants to be in.

9:32 2nd – Doc Emrick would be the worlds best golf announcer.

5:50 2nd – Pure robbery by Thomas on Steve Downie. Looks like Thomas has finally settled down.

5:02 2nd – Krejci shows the Academy that he is not a one-trick pony, and pulls out his “Bobby Orr” performance. Power play Bruins.

2:33 2nd – Boston is showing life but needs to score before period’s end. Lightning will let Bruins control puck all they want as long as they stop ’em.

End of Second Period – “Octopus’s Garden”, “Dig a Pony”, and “Revolution.”

20:00 3rd – This game has huge potential if Boston can come out and score an early one. I’m ready for some OT hockey.

17:22 3rd – The PSN is back on in New England, because if there is anything Japan respects, it’s sensible Americans. Strong effort by Boston but Tampa is really doing a great job of neutralizing scoring chances.

16:35 3rd – Johnny Boychuck (frmr. Colorado Avalanche prospect) just rocked someone. I like how Doc calls him “Boyachuck.” Way to make it your own.

14:46 3rd – I think the Lightning may have the best beard representation in the Conference Finals. Another phanton call on the Lightning by the refs. The NHL really does not want a Tampa Bay vs. Vancouver Final.

12:15 3rd – Kaberle hit’s the side of the net and Chara fires it into Roloson’s chest. Boston can’t buy a break from the blue line.

8:35 3rd – An injury to Brett Clark could help provide the spark Boston needs. He blocks shots like it’s his job. Which, it is.

7:56 3rd – Finally some action. Lecalvier gets into it with Boyachuck. This series could get scrappy quick. Lot’s of stand up guys on both teams.

7:14 3rd – Tampa sitting back on the power play, they do not want to give up an odd man rush. Could be a boring final 7 minutes.

6:23 3rd – Wow. With three guys on the blue line, Bergeron fires a puck stick side high that chips the post and in. 4-1 Tampa. My patience is running thin. The Ps3, she calls me.

4:36 3rd – The TD Garden is dead quiet. It’s fantastic.

2:46 3rd – A fine save by Rollie the Goalie, and I’m signing off. Barring a miracle, this game is over (it is suspiciously close to May 21st, so I guess a miracle isn’t out of the question.) I’ll see you guys online!

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